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27 Sep 2018
The major upgrade brings new features to FRITZ!Box Cable models

FRITZ!Box 6490 Cable receives FRITZ!OS 7

The FRITZ!OS 7 upgrade is available now for the FRITZ!Box 6490 Cable. The new features mean users can get even more out their home networks. From faster connection times for storage media to new functions for the FRITZ!Fon and a mesh connection overview to more Smart Home possibilities, FRITZ!OS 7 brings with it even more convenience. With this new upgrade, FRITZ!Box models connected to cable lines can now be used as part of a mesh network. The communication between FRITZ! products (FRITZ!Box, wireless repeaters, powerline adapters) is improved, meaning settings can be synchronized and the performance of terminal devices optimized. This means users get increased speed and range when browsing the internet, watching videos or playing games. With FRITZ!OS 7 AVM is extending mesh technology to the FRITZ!Box 6490 Cable, including for telephony and Smart Home. By using an additional FRITZ!Box as a Mesh Repeater, users can integrate more telephony and Smart Home devices in their home networks.

Thanks to router freedom: with FRITZ!OS 7, it's even quicker to connect the FRITZ!Box

For the two cable models that can be purchased in store or online, the FRITZ!Box 6590 Cable and FRITZ!Box 6490 Cable, FRITZ!OS 7 has two special highlights. Firstly, the new configuration wizard makes it even easier to set up a FRITZ!Box at a cable connection. In addition, watching TV with a FRITZ!Box is now even more fun. The FRITZ!Box 6590 Cable and FRITZ!Box 6490 Cable can now use Sat-IP technology to send a direct TV signal to TV sets from Panasonic and Loewe. It doesn't matter where the cable socket is, the TV signal can be distributed throughout the home via LAN, wireless LAN or powerline. Up to four TV sets can play the TV signal directly via the FRITZ!Box without the need to use an additional program or device.

More than 77 new features and improvements for Mesh, WiFi, telephony and Smart Home.

FRITZ!OS 7 also allows users to use compatible Smart Home devices from other manufacturers with a FRITZ!Box. Other new features include the open FRITZ! Hotspot, regular MyFRITZ! reports by email, improved performance for FRITZ!NAS and increased convenience for FRITZ!Fon. FRITZ!OS 7 is available now for the FRITZ!Box 6490 Cable and FRITZ!Box 6590 Cable, if bought in store or online. The FRITZ!OS 7 update for rental modems will be supplied by the respective cable providers. More information about FRITZ!OS 7 can be found in this press release and at

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