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30 Jul 2018

A new perspective on WiFi: the new FRITZ!App WLAN for iOS from AVM

Apple users can download the FRITZ!App WLAN for iPhone and iPad for free from today. The app measures your iOS device's data throughput and displays the quality of the network connection. With this information, users can achieve their best ever home network performance and an optimal wireless LAN coverage. The app will be able to deliver even more information in the near future - when connected to the upcoming Mesh WiFi from FRITZ! it can display all of the FRITZ! devices on your wireless LAN network. The app will notify you whenever there is a new FRITZ!OS update for one of your FRITZ! devices. In addition, the FRITZ!App WLAN shows if your iPhone or iPad is directly connected to the mesh master, the FRITZ!Box, or if it is accessing the internet via a mesh repeater. For example, if your iOS device switches from a FRITZ!Box to a FRITZ!WLAN Repeater while measuring the quality of the connection, this switch will be displayed in the app. The FRITZ!App WLAN for iOS is now available for download in the Apple App Store.

An overview of the features:

  • Measures the quality of the wireless LAN connection for the iOS devices in your home network
  • Detects and displays wireless LAN roaming activity when measuring the quality
  • Discover which devices and access points are connected to your FRITZ! home network
  • Displays the available updates for your FRITZ! devices
  • System requirements: iOS version 10 or higher and FRITZ!OS 6.50 or higher
  • The FRITZ!App WLAN is available on Android and iOS; certain features may not be available, depending on what operating system you use.
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