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13 Feb 2018

At the FTTH Conference AVM is presenting FRITZ! products for fiber optic connections

AVM is presenting its product portfolio for an intelligent home network from 13 to 15 February at the "FTTH Conference" in Valencia. Centerpiece of the trade fair stand are the FRITZ!Box models for fiber optic connections. Among the other highlights are Mesh WiFi by FRITZ! and the FRITZ!Box as the Smart Home hub. All FRITZ! highlights can be found at stand S04 in Valencia.

With the FRITZ!Box 5491 AVM expanded its product line by another powerful terminal device for direct connections to fiber optic sockets. The new FRITZ!Box relies on GPON for FTTH connections. The equipment of the FRITZ!Box 5491 resembles that of the FRITZ!Box 5490, which supports the active point-to point technology. Fiber optic speeds of up to 1 Gbit/s are also available for the home network using either of the models: fast gigabit LAN and Dual Wireless AC + N provide for optimized networking. Also AVM is presenting its top models for all other broadband connection types. The top models FRITZ!Box 7590 and FRITZ!Box 6890 LTE provide for optimum data through put on any connection thanks to 4x4 Multi-User MIMO and the intelligent FRITZ!OS.

Mesh WiFi by FRITZ!

As a pioneer in Mesh WiFi, AVM addresses the demand for greater range for multiple wireless devices with its FRITZ!Box. The faster connections become and the number of mobile devices in the home grows, the more speed and performance is required in the home network. The communication among all FRITZ! products (FRITZ!Box, wireless repeaters, powerline adapters) with FRITZ!OS 6.90 or higher is improved, so that settings can be synchronized and the performance of connected terminal devices optimized. More Information:

FRITZ!Box as the Smart Home hub

As a powerful home network hub the FRITZ!Box supports technologies like wireless LAN, DECT and powerline, allows all devices in the home network to operate together intelligently – from smartphones to televisions, and all the way to household appliances. With wireless repeaters, DECT telephones, powerline adapters, smart plugs, intelligent radiator controls, and FRITZ!Apps, AVM offers a slew of solutions for smart home networking. More Information:

The FRITZ!Box model highlights for fiber optics: FRITZ!Box 5491 and 5490

  • FRITZ!Box 5491: Direct access for FTTH connections (Gigabit Passive Optical Network)
  • FRITZ!Box 5490: Direct access for point-to-point FTTH connections (Active Optical Network)
  • For direct connections to the fiber optic outlet, option for use on ONU
  • Gigabit Internet, telephony and IP TV
  • Dual band Wireless AC + N with 1300 (5 GHz) + 450 Mbit/s (2.4 GHz) concurrently
  • 4 gigabit LAN ports for PC, game consoles, and more
  • 2 USB 3.0 ports for printers and storage media (NAS)
  • DECT base station for up to 6 telephones and Smart Home applications
  • Two ports for analog telephones or fax (a/b port)
  • Internal ISDN S₀ bus for ISDN telephones or ISDN telephone system
  • Media server for music, pictures, and videos in the home network
  • NAS functionality
  • FRITZ!OS with MyFRITZ!, Smart Home functions, parental controls and more
  • Wireless guest access – the secure hotspot for friends and visitors
  • Simple setup over the user interface in the browser

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