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02 Nov 2017
AVM market launch of FRITZ!DECT 301

New radiator control FRITZ!DECT 301 with innovative e-paper display

  • Manages the room temperature automatically and precisely
  • New e-paper display: excellent legibility, rotatable and energy-efficient
  • Heating convenience: individual schedules, boost function, control via app
  • Integrated in the home network via DECT ULE radio standard

In combination with a FRITZ!Box the new smart radiator control FRITZ!DECT 301 by AVM manages the room temperature automatically and precisely. AVM designed the new FRITZ!DECT 301 with its first e-paper display, which is very easy to read. The radiator control is securely integrated into the home network via DECT ULE (Ultra Low Energy) and can be conveniently operated with a smartphone, tablet or FRITZ!Fon. Thanks to the free MyFRITZ! service, the FRITZ!DECT 301 can even be managed from outside the home using the app or browser. With an individually selectable schedule users can define how much heating is required when. This way they'll not only save energy, but reduce heating costs as well. A vacation schedule, open-window detection, anti-freeze and calcification protection are also among the convenience features. The new boost function supports faster heating in cold rooms. Plus, the FRITZ!DECT 301 receives regular updates that add new features, and can easily be mounted on all common radiator valves.

E-paper display for more convenience and energy-efficiency

The new FRITZ!DECT 301 comes with an innovative e-paper display. The display's high contrast provides for excellent legibility even with little background light. The display content is also rotatable in 90 degree steps to make reading even more convenient. Since the e-paper display only requires power for display changes, the FRITZ!DECT 301 is especially energy-efficient. On top of that, the Smart Home device works with high efficiency thanks to the DECT ULE single chip design and the doubled flash storage.

Connected at the touch of a button, simple mounting, adjustable heating profiles

In just a few steps users can establish a smart heating profile with FRITZ!DECT 301: mount the radiator control on the valve, press the button to connect it to the FRITZ!Box, and then access the user interface of the FRITZ!Box via smartphone, tablet or PC. Here the desired temperature and the energy-saving temperature can be defined. It's possible to assign up to eight switching points a day for the radiator control. To heat a room faster, the FRITZ!DECT 301 offers a boost function. Once the temperature has been reached, the system automatically resumes the preconfigured temperature profile. The smart radiator control detects a sudden temperature drop when a window is opened. Then it automatically closes the valve for a previously specified period. Vacation switching also ensures that your home is heated upon your return. Accidental manual changes to the device's settings can easily be prevented with the keylock on the FRITZ!DECT 301. Of course, the FRITZ!DECT 301 can always be operated spontaneously despite the Smart Home profile settings.

Precise regulation of the temperature

The temperature sensor integrated in the FRITZ!DECT 301 measures the ambient temperature directly on the radiator. The result can be a few degrees warmer than the desired temperature for the entire room. The offset setting can take this difference into account, so that the preconfigured desired or energy-saving temperature can be applied precisely in the room. If there are multiple radiators in the room, two or more FRITZ!DECT 301 can be combined in a group.

Secure access from on the go

With the MyFRITZ!App 2 for Android the FRITZ!DECT 301 can be reached from any location via smartphone. The app establishes a securely encrypted connection to the home network, so temperature settings can be adjusted spontaneously on the way home. The user always keeps full control over the heating. The FRITZ!DECT 301 is integrated into the FRITZ!Box home network with the highly energy-efficient DECT ULE radio standard. New features are added with free software updates.

FRITZ!DECT 301 highlights at a glance

  • New, smart radiator control for the home network
  • New e-paper display: excellent readability thanks to high contrast, energy-efficient, rotatable in 90 degree steps
  • Securely integrated into the home network via DECT ULE radio standard
  • Manages the room temperature automatically and precisely
  • Helps to save energy and thus reduce heating costs
  • Simple setup via FRITZ!Box, easy handling using a PC or mobile devices
  • Remote control with MyFRITZ! service (app, browser)
  • Open-window detection, keylock, calcification protection, anti-freeze function
  • Boost function for faster heating
  • Easy mounting on common radiator valves
  • Push service informs about the status of radio connection and battery
  • Updateable for new functions
  • Required: FRITZ!Box with DECT (except FRITZ!Box 7312/7412) and FRITZ!OS 6.83 or higher
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