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08 Nov 2017
AVM market launch of FRITZ!Box 6890 LTE

FRITZ!Box 6890 LTE for fast internet via LTE or DSL – strong wireless LAN – extreme networking convenience

New top model FRITZ!Box 6890 LTE for mobile communications

Up to 300 Mbit/s via mobile network or DSL

Robust internet thanks to fallback function from DSL to LTE

Intelligent and fast wireless LAN with great coverage

The new FRITZ!Box 6890 LTE provides for fast internet via mobile communications or DSL and offers data rates of up to 300 Mbit/s. It transmits on five LTE and two UMTS frequencies and supports roaming for surfing in all mobile communication networks. The FRITZ!Box 6890 LTE is very well-equipped for home networking: fast wireless LAN on both frequencies with the new Multi-User MIMO technology (4x4 dual band Wireless AC+N with 1733 Mbit/s on 5 GHz and 800 Mbit/s on 2.4 GHz), four gigabit LAN ports, one USB port for storage media and one DECT base station for phones and Smart Home applications. Existing telecom systems can be connected over the internal ISDN S₀ bus. The FRITZ!Box 6890 LTE can be used either via mobile communications or on the landline. It can be connected to the DSL line directly or via the WAN port on a cable or fiber optic modem. Thanks to the fallback function from DSL to mobile communications featured by the FRITZ!Box 6890 LTE, users with especially high demands on internet availability benefit from additional security. The FRITZ!Box also detects when the DSL connection is stable again and automatically switches the internet connection back to DSL. Download rates of up to 300 Mbit/s can be achieved both via LTE (CAT6) and DSL (from ADSL to VDSL2 with 35b supervectoring). IP-based (SIP standard) telephony is supported for all connection types. On top of this, the FRITZ!Box 6890 LTE can also be used on ISDN and analog landline connections. FRITZ!OS offers many convenience functions like a firewall, wireless guest access, MyFRITZ!, and parental controls.

Well-equipped: dual band WiFi, USB 3.0 port, integrated telecom system

The FRITZ!Box 6890 LTE is ideal for networked applications like IPTV, video on demand and media streaming. The integrated mobile communications modem (LTE/UMTS/HSPA+) or the alternative VDSL2/ADSL2+ modem incl. 35b supervectoring provide for fast internet. Four gigabit LAN ports, WAN port and high-speed wireless LAN enable fast data transmissions throughout the network. The FRITZ!Box 6890 LTE exchanges data in the wireless LAN at gigabit speeds: With 4x4 Multi-User MIMO, rates of 1733 Mbit/s are achieved on the 5 GHz frequency band alone. Another 800 Mbit/s are added on the 2.4 GHz band. With a total of eight antennas, the FRITZ!Box 6890 ensures that all wireless devices have optimum data reception. Internet connections can be established via all common mobile or DSL interfaces. With a USB 3.0 port and NAS functionality expanded to include a media server and integrated online storage, the FRITZ!Box 6890 LTE opens up new potential applications in the network. Even when the computer is switched off, content from USB or online storage media are available to the entire network. The FRITZ!Box 6890 LTE is the first FRITZ!Box for mobile communications that is also equipped with an internal ISDN S₀ port. Via this bus, up to eight ISDN devices can be integrated directly. The convenient integrated telecom system also integrates IP telephones via wireless LAN/LAN and the SIP protocol. Analog telephones, fax machines or intercom systems can also be connected to the new FRITZ!Box.

At a glance: The new FRITZ!Box 6890 LTE

  • For fast internet via LTE (CAT6) with up to 300 Mbit/s (UMTS/HSPA+ up to 42 Mbit/s)
  • Multi-band support: 5 LTE and 2 UMTS frequencies (LTE: bands 1, 3, 7, 8 and 20; UMTS: bands 1 and 8)
  • Supports ADSL, VDSL, VDSL vectoring, 35b supervectoring with up to 300 Mbit/s as well as All IP, ISDN and analog connections
  • DSL operation with optional automatic fallback to the mobile network connection
  • 2 ports for external, screw-on mobile radio antennas (SMA)
  • Alignment aid for optimum positioning with respect to the mobile communications cell
  • Gigabit WAN port for flexible operation on cable or fiber optic modems
  • 4x4 dual band Wireless AC+N with Multi-User MIMO (1733 Mbit/s + 800 Mbit/s)
  • 4 gigabit LAN ports and 1 USB 3.0 port
  • DECT base station for telephones and Smart Home applications
  • ISDN S₀ bus for ISDN telephones or ISDN telephone system
  • 2 ports for analog telephones or fax
  • FRITZ!OS: with parental controls, media server, FRITZ!NAS, wireless guest access, MyFRITZ!
  • Simple setup using a multilingual user interface (EN, DE, ES, FR, IT, NL, PL)
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