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20 Jul 2017
Start your vacation with AVM

Enjoying vacation time with FRITZ!

  • All documents at hand – thanks to MyFRITZ!
  • Saves money – FRITZ!App Fon
  • Find networks close by with FRITZ!App WLAN
  • Perfect travel companion – FRITZ!Box 6820 LTE
  • Enjoy full control at home with the Smart Home functions of FRITZ!Box

Whether it's a road trip in the U.S., a bathing vacation at the Adriatic Sea or hiking in Austria – the vacation is going to be relaxing with FRITZ!. With the NAS function of your FRITZ!Box and MyFRITZ! important documents can be stored digitally and accessed when needed. When combining the MyFRITZ!App and FRITZ!App Fon it's possible to make phone calls worldwide at your landline's rates and the FRITZ!Box 6820 LTE provides WiFi at holiday destinations all over Europe. On top of this the FRITZ!App WLAN finds wireless networks within range in no time and with the Smart Home functions of FRITZ!Box or the intelligent FRITZ!DECT plugs users have everything in order at home while being on vacation.

Keep all documents safely with you using MyFRITZ!

Booking confirmations, a copy of the passport or the planned travel route can save the holidays in case of emergency. Using the NAS function of FRITZ!Box digital security copies of important personal documents can be stored easily and securely. For this, an external USB storage media containing the documents must be connected to the FRITZ!Box. Then these data can be accessed via MyFRITZ! when connected to the Internet. The great advantage: the data doesn't have to be uploaded into the Internet, but remain on your local device. This way the data are protected from unauthorized access and can't get lost.

FRITZ!App Fon saves money

Thanks to Skype, Hangouts or Facetime it's become easy to call friends directly and without additional costs. However, if one wants to call the landline number of a family member from outside of the European Union, the bill could add up fast. Using the MyFRITZ!App and the FRITZ!App Fon it's possible make calls from all over the world at local rates of the users' home, when connected to free WiFi. For this, the MyFRITZ!App must be registered on the FRITZ!Box at home and a home network connection must be established before the vacation. After that it's possible to reach the FRIZ!Box at home with one swipe from all over the world and the FRITZ!App Fon automatically detects the home network connection. Now the user can easily and conveniently make calls over the domestic phone number. This works thanks to Voice over IP as it transmits calls via the existing Internet connection. This way users can not only keep track of costs, but keep the whole family up to date.

Connected in no time – the FRITZ!App WLAN

To lessen the load on the booked data rate during a vacation, it's good to refer to hotspots or wireless radio networks from time to time. The FRITZ!App WLAN does not only find available networks within range in no time, but delivers other information as well. For example the signal strength is graphically displayed, the encryption can be checked and the speed of the Internet can be monitored in real-time.

Perfect travel companion – FRITZ!Box 6820 LTE

Whether they're in a camper van in Sweden, a beach bungalow in Italy or on a farm in Austria – tourists who don't want to miss fast WiFi during their holidays should pick the FRITZ!Box 6820 LTE as their travel companion. The LTE router does not only come in a small, compact design, but also persuades with its performance. The FRITZ!Box 6820 LTE manages download rates of up to 150 Mbit/s, provides for secure data transmissions through WPA2 encryption and can be used in all of Europe thanks to its multi-band support. By the way: as of 15 June 2017 it's possible to use a German SIM card, for example, for data transmissions in all European countries without additional costs, all due to the abolishment of roaming fees.

Smart relaxation – the Smart Home functions of FRITZ!Box got everything covered

Who hasn't experienced this: you just started enjoying your vacation and a thought pops into your head. Have I closed the window and locked the door? With the Smart Home functions of FRITZ!Box these thoughts belong to the past. Simply connect an IP camera to the FRITZ!Box, place it at its intended position and everything is set to check the situation from all over the world (thanks to the FRITZ!App Cam this also works with an old smartphone or tablet). Should the window really be open, then one call to the neighbor is enough to solve the problem. Yet, the rest of the house also benefits from the smart FRITZ! products. With the smart plug FRITZ!DECT 210 your garden plants can be watered in an individually configured interval and by setting the FRITZ!DECT 200 to random switching the lamps in your home can be turned on and off intermittently.

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