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21 Jun 2017
Summer solstice with AVM

Party tips: Starting the summer with FRITZ!

  • Fast WiFi for friends: the FRITZ!Hotspot
  • Expanding the FRITZ! home network in no time
  • Streaming music with the FRITZ!Box
  • FRITZ!DECT 210 takes care of lights and garden equipment
  • Operating the intercom system via FRITZ!Fon

Good music, tasty food and cold drinks – the party season is about to start and FRITZ! is along for the ride to organize the perfect event. The FRITZ!Hotspot easily and conveniently provides your guests with WiFi. By extending the FRITZ! home network, your guests will not only benefit from greater range, but optimum data throughput as well. Plus the FRITZ!Box streams musical favorites as a media center. Music is transmitted either from smartphone, tablet, PC or connected USB storages to wireless speakers, for example, via the FRITZ!Box radio network. The smart plug FRITZ!DECT 210 with its sunrise/sunset function provides for perfectly coordinated lighting in the garden and using the FRITZ!Fon it's possible to operate the intercom system with a push of button from the terrace. Users can find more information and tips at

Fast WiFi for guests: FRITZ!Hotspot

Fast Internet is a prerequisite to share the latest vacation pictures on Instagram or to stream a vacation vlog on YouTube. Thanks to the wireless guest access of FRITZ!Box guests can enjoy their own hotspot in no time. This hotspot is securely separated from the home network. This way it's possible to keep an overview of guests using the network, owners can decide whether connected devices are able to communicate or not and they can adjust how much speed is provided for the hotspot. An information paper can be found under "Wireless" in the user interface and printed, so the hotspot access is extra easy for friends. On it there's not only the password for the hotspot, but a QR code as well. Once this code is scanned the device automatically connects to the hotspot.

A space for everyone – expanding the FRITZ! home network in no time

The best parties are themed "the more, the merrier". However, more guests also result in more terminal devices that access the wireless network. That's why it pays off to expand the radio network with additional members of the FRITZ! family, for example a FRITZ!WLAN Repeater 1750E or a FRITZ!Powerline 1240E. To integrate them simply insert the wireless repeater or powerline/WiFi adapter into an outlet and connect it to the FRITZ!Box with the push of a button. The radio network carries the same name everywhere and can be used with the same password. Technologies like crossband repeating, band steering or Multi-User MIMO not only provide for greater range, but guarantee high throughput as well. The best thing about it: the FRITZ!Hotspot is automatically available in locations where, for example, a FRITZ!WLAN Repeater provides for wireless LAN coverage.

The right music – FRITZ!Box as media center

The most important question at a party is what music to play. Electro, smooth jazz or rather rock? The FRITZ!Box takes care of the technical equipment, so there's enough time to decide on the music. Simply place the wireless speaker on the terrace, connect it to the FRITZ!Box with a touch of a button and push play. Musical favorites can be streamed from smartphone, tablet or PC to the speakers via the FRITZ!Box radio network. This way it can be assured that the streaming app recognizes the speakers via the FRITZ!Box. It works even if music is stored on a hard drive. Due to the NAS function (Network Attached Storage) USB storage media containing the favorite music can easily be connected to the FRITZ!Box. The music playback can then be controlled conveniently with FRITZ!App Media or with the FRITZ!Fon.

Intelligent supporter – FRITZ!DECT 210 makes the party smart

With the FRITZ!DECT 210 the focus can solely be on the guests, the smart plug handles the rest. For example, by using the sunrise/sunset function of the FRITZ!DECT 210 the garden can be illuminated automatically after sunset. And should the party last longer the FRITZ!DECT 210 also ensures that the lights are turned off by sunrise. To prepare the lawn for the party, it's also possible to turn the sprinklers on in different intervals using the smart plug. Irregular, daily or at the push of a button – it's possible to decide individually when to water the lawn. Thanks to the free MyFRITZ! service it is even possible to manage this from outside the home using the app over the Internet.

Come on in – FRITZ!Fon as a door opener

Who hasn't experienced this: the host is on the terrace, the final preparations for the party are about to be done and the first guests arrive early. No problem when using a FRITZ!Fon in this scenario, since it allows users to operate the intercom system and open the door at the touch of a button. By the way: If the door intercom system includes a camera, guests can also be seen on the display of FRITZ!Fon C5 or C4. The intercom system can either be analog or IP-based and should use a simple IP camera.

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