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08 Feb 2017
AVM releases FRITZ!OS 6.80

Big update: FRITZ!OS 6.80 lifts off the home network

  • Powerful wireless LAN: Band steering, reservation of data rates
  • Extended Smart Home functions and more for MyFRITZ!
  • FRITZ!Fon: new start screens und a night service
  • Extra security and network adjustments
  • Start FRITZ!OS 6.80 or simply enjoy it thanks to the auto update function

The new FRITZ!OS 6.80 is now available for the FRITZ!Box 7490. With 80 innovations and improvements the new software version optimizes FRITZ! homes. The highlights cover many areas: the wireless LAN by FRITZ! now adjusts even better to different needs and there are new functions for the Smart Home. The popular MyFRITZ! service appears in a responsive design and the MyFRITZ!App simplifies the secure access to the home network. The FRITZ!Fon receives new start screens and a night service. Secure surfing, streaming and communication is based on regular updates: FRITZ!OS 6.80 keeps the FRITZ!Box up to date and safe. Settings and changes can be configured even safer now with an additional confirmation (two-factor authentication). At the same time demands on password security were increased. For beginners or home network experts: everyone benefits from improved performance, security and useful additions with the new FRITZ!OS. The new FRITZ!OS is available free of charge for the FRITZ!Box 7560 and FRITZ!Box 7490. All current FRITZ!Box models will gradually receive the new FRITZ!OS 6.80. More information can be found at

More wireless LAN speed through band steering

The new FRITZ!OS offers a leap of speed for WiFi with band steering. Many smartphones and tablets can transmit data on the 2.4-GHz-band and the 5-GHZ-band. If one band is working at a high capacity, the FRITZ!Box now automatically initiates a band switch. This way resources can be exploited better and data reach their destination faster and without interference. Band steering is possible for all FRITZ!Box models with dual-band Wireless AC+N (FRITZ!Box models 7490, 7560, 6490, 4040, 3490).

Priorities in WiFi

With the FRITZ!OS 6.80 update users can be sure to surf, stream or chat without interference even if the guest network is highly used, since you decide how much data rate is shared by you and your guests. If the FRITZ!Box owners are not online, the guests can enjoy higher data rates. The new online monitor is also very handy, since it now displays the data rates of the guest access on top of the usual downstream rates for Internet and IP TV.

More convenience for the FRITZ!Hotspot

It's now possible to configure a welcome page for an existing wireless guest access in the FRITZ!Box. Cafés or businesses can greet their guests with a short welcome text, photo or logo and, if they like, have legal notes for the use of the hotspot confirmed. Technically the data transmission over the FRITZ!Hotspot is completely separate from the own wireless LAN and home network. The guest access includes various functions to control and log the use.

FRITZ!Fon: additional start screens and night service

FRITZ!Fon, the DECT telephone for FRITZ!Box, received new selectable start screens. Users now have their Smart Home products in direct view and can switch even easier. The analog clock displayed in white or black is also new. The new night service is dimming the display when the brightness in the room falls below the settings. The possibility to configure a call diversion with the FRITZ!Box can now also be used with any contact in the requested telephone book. Plus, the number of outgoing calls can be limited with FRITZ!OS 6.80.

Smart Home: switch on sound

The smart plug FRITZ!DECT 200 can already be switched automatically at sunrise/sunset or according to an individual schedule via app or phone. Now another option was added: with FRITZ!OS 6.80 an acoustic sensor is activated locally in the smart plug. Lamps or other connected devices will then react to sounds like clapping or knocking. Another innovation is the display of the temperature measured over the last 24 hours in the FRITZ!Box user interface.

Even better and easier: MyFRITZ! for browser and app

Following – the window to the FRITZ!Box – the user interfaces of the MyFRITZ! service ( and FRITZ!NAS now also appear in a responsive design and adjust to any display size with FRITZ!OS 6.80. Using the MyFRITZ!App 2 (for Android) users have convenient access to saved data, their call list or voice messages wherever the are. Users will receive real time notifications via the app about missed calls or new voice messages. With a single swipe you can establish a secure connection to your home network and access your FRITZ!Box and connected devices from on the go. Even Smart Home devices can be operated and switched directly via app or widget.

On the safe side: strong passwords and settings requiring confirmation

The configuration of new IP phones and call diversions as well as the saving of backup files is even safer now as a new function implements an additional confirmation that can only be verified on the FRITZ!Box (two-factor authentication). Attempts to log in with wrong user data are recorded as an event. On top of this, FRITZ!OS 6.80 makes sure that users assign a password with at least 8 digits when configuring an IP telephone or an IP intercom system via the FRITZ!Box. Numerous other FRITZ!OS 6.80 upgrades provide the FRITZ!Box with the latest security standards. With every large update AVM always advises to install the latest version of FRITZ!OS for optimum security and best network synchronization.

Prepared for changes in the DSL network

Through the update selected FRITZ!Box models with FRITZ!OS 6.80 become compatible with networks that will offer VDSL supervectoring 35B in the future. VDSL supervectoring 35B requires new hardware to achieve higher speeds, however, due to the integrated compatibility FRITZ!Boxes will continue functioning on supervectoring connections.

FRITZ! convenience with DECT telephones from other manufacturers

With FRITZ!OS 6.80 DECT telephones that support the CAT-iq 2.0 standard offer many convenience features that come with FRITZ! telephony. For example, cordless telephones from other manufacturers can use one or more telephone books in the FRITZ!Box and users can get a quick overview with the call list.

Approve access from the Internet for online games, gaming consoles or IP devices

Devices connected to the FRITZ!Box are safe from unauthorized access from the Internet. However, certain applications such as online games or devices like IP cameras or gaming consoles sometimes need to be accessible for others over the Internet. FRITZ!Box users can enable such connections through port sharing. Now it's also possible to allow certain devices to control port sharing automatically. With FRITZ!OS 6.80 all shared ports (IPv4, IPv6, MyFRITZ! or autonomous) can be viewed and configured at once. Users can find an overview of all shared ports with their connected home network devices in the menu at "Internet" "Permit Access". Settings for parental controls can also be used with pure IPv6 devices with the new FRITZ!OS 6.80.

Internet at its best

The demands on routers become more challenging with an increasing number of devices in the home network and elevated data transfer on the connection. Nonetheless, the development of FRITZ!Box stays ahead: FRITZ!Box keeps surfing, streaming, IP TV, gaming and telephony with various devices simultaneously on the highest level. The transfer from the address typed in the web browser to the IP address of the targeted computer was optimized. Even at full load Internet pages open faster and streamings start sooner.

Free FRITZ!OS 6.80 via auto update or in just two clicks

To use FRITZ!OS, users simply enter "" in the browser and select the Update Wizard on the user interface. The new FRITZ!OS is installed in just two clicks. Users that have new versions installed automatically (auto update function) receive the new FRITZ!OS 6.80 automatically. The new release is available immediately for FRITZ!Box 7560 and 7490. Other current models will receive the new update gradually. For more information on FRITZ!OS 6.80, see

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