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23 Aug 2016
AVM with new update for FRITZ!WLAN Repeater and FRITZ!Powerline

FRITZ!OS 6.50 available immediately for all FRITZ!WLAN Repeater and FRITZ!Powerline models

  • New user interface design: optimized for tablets and smartphones
  • Improved wireless LAN and detailed analysis of the wireless network for surfing fun at home
  • Up to date made easy: Update FRITZ! products centrally

Now that FRITZ!OS 6.50 has been provided for all FRITZ!Box models, the free update is available immediately for all wireless repeaters and FRITZ!Powerline products. The new version for the FRITZ!WLAN Repeaters 1750E, 1160, DVB-C, 450E, 310 and for the powerline models with wireless functionality FRITZ!Powerline 1240E, 546E , 540E, improves transparency and security in the FRITZ! home network. The "fritz.repeater" and "fritz.powerline" user interfaces appear in the new responsive design. Like the FRITZ!Box interface, they can now flexibly adjust to any display size. A new display also shows, for example, whether a network device is connected directly to the FRITZ!Box or via powerline or a wireless repeater. FRITZ!OS 6.50 improves wireless LAN for all home network devices. Users receive useful analyses of the wireless LAN environment for optimum wireless connections. From FRITZ!OS 6.50 on, maintenance of the home network is child's play for all FRITZ!Box models: New updates for FRITZ products are displayed on the user interface, from where they can all be downloaded and installed. The users can also opt to have all updates performed automatically. FRITZ!OS offers improved security through a central password for the FRITZ!Box and all FRITZ! family products. With regular updates for the entire FRITZ! home network, AVM is setting new standards product care.

Improved wireless LAN, detailed analysis of the wireless network

With the new FRITZ!OS for WLAN-Repeater and Powerline models with wireless functionality, additional optimizations make more bandwidth available in the 2.4-GHz frequency band. Thanks to the expanded auto channel selection, FRITZ!Powerline devices can always work with the right power. In crowded wireless surroundings, the new FRITZ!OS offers helpful analyses of the wireless LAN environment. For each device in the home network, it shows the connection quality in the wireless network, and the FRITZ!Box user interface tells users whether they are surfing the net with the optimum speed on their mobile devices. For FRITZ!WLAN Repeaters and powerline adapters with wireless functionality, the "Wireless" menu shows the loading of the radio channel currently in use over time for the selected frequency band. The lower the loading of the radio channel, the higher data throughput that can be achieved. The free FRITZ!App WLAN for Android also keeps the user informed at all times about useful details on the existing connection. This FRITZ!App can even be used to perform updates for FRITZ!WLAN Repeaters.

Easy integration of FRITZ!Powerline into the home network thanks to wireless LAN

With the new release, the FRITZ!Box radio network settings for new FRITZ!Powerline devices can be applied by simply pressing the WPS button on the FRITZ!Box and on the FRITZ!Powerline product. This function is available immediately for FRITZ!Powerline 1240E, 546E and 540E.

Powered by FRITZ!OS: The entire FRITZ home network for more range, convenience and security

WLAN repeaters, powerline adapters, telephones, smart plugs, wireless LAN sticks and apps are fixed components of the home network. They take on important services that ensure smooth functioning and a fast home network. AVM provides all members of the FRITZ! home network team with regular updates to add functions and ensure the highest possible security, setting new standards for product care.

FRITZ!-Updates – Optimize the home network in minutes

The update to version 6.50 is available free of charge for the FRITZ!WLAN Repeaters 1750E, 1160, DVB-C, 450E, and 310 and for FRITZ!Powerline 1240E, 540E , 546E. It takes just minutes to start the update: After entering "", "fritz.repeater" or "fritz.powerline" in the browser, the user clicks "System", "Update" and then the "Find New FRITZ!OS" button.

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