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03 Feb 2016
AVM at the FTTH Conference from 16 to 18 February 2016

Speed and versatility at the fiber optic connection with the new FRITZ!Box 5490

  • First FRITZ!Box to connect directly with fiber optic networks
  • Optimum device for all services: Internet, telephony, IP TV, media
  • Gigabit LAN and Dual Wireless AC + N for fast home networking
  • Fully equipped with USB 3.0, telephone system and DECT base station
  • The new FRITZ!OS 6.50 is on board

AVM is presenting the new FRITZ!Box 5490 for fiber optics equipped with the new FRITZ!OS 6.50 at the FTTH Conference in Luxembourg from 16 to 18 February. Current FRITZ!Box products and FRITZ!Apps for convenient home networks will also be there. With the new FRITZ!Box 5490 AVM is providing a broadband device that enables a direct connection to fiber optic sockets (Fiber Termination Unit), relying on the active point-to-point technology of the future, designed for the operation of FTTH connections (Fiber to the Home). Fiber optic speeds of up to 1 Gbit/s are also available for the home network using the FRITZ!Box 5490: Fast gigabit LAN and Dual Wireless AC + N provide for optimized networking. Surfing the Internet, streaming films, online gaming and many other applications can run simultaneously. Additionally, AVM is presenting the new FRITZ!OS 6.50 as well as current FRITZ!WLAN repeaters, gigabit powerline adapters and FRITZ!Apps. First providers already have the new FRITZ!Box 5490 in stock. All new FRITZ! products can be experienced live at the FTTH Conference at stand S23.

FRITZ!Box 5490: gigabit speed and maximum convenience at the fiber optic connection

With FRITZ!Box 5490 AVM is offering its first model that enables direct access to an Active Optical Network (AON). FRITZ!Box 5490 combines everything that makes the established flagship for DSL – the FRITZ!Box 7490 – successful: gigabit speed, cutting-edge hardware, free FRITZ!Apps and the diversity of FRITZ!OS. Due to the direct connectivity options of the FRITZ!Box to the fiber optic TAE jack or FTU (Fiber Termination Unitno  Optical Network Unit (ONU)is required. The FRITZ!Box 5490 offers higher speed and greater range in the home network featuring Wireless AC (5 GHz) with 1300 Mbit/s and Wireless N (2.4 GHz) with 450 Mbit/s. For convenient telephony in HD, the new FRITZ!Box 5490 incorporates a telephone system with answering machines, an integrated DECT base station for up to six cordless telephones and connection options for analog, ISDN and IP telephones. The powerful media server streams music, images, and videos throughout the entire home network. Smart Home functions based on DECT round off the full range of features. The FRITZ!Box 5490 supports simplified provisioning on the basis of the CPE WAN Management protocol (TR-069), easing the implementation of provider services like Internet, IP TV and Voice over IP. Due to its low power consumption of about 7 watts in standby, the new FRITZ!Box is especially energy-efficient.

The new FRITZ!OS 6.50: new design, optimized for mobile devices, better overview of the home network

The 6.50 version of FRITZ!OS, the operating system of FRITZ!Box and other peripheral devices, offers a new design for the user interface optimized for smartphones, tablets and notebooks. The extensive home network overview, including a central update function for FRITZ! products, is also new. The new FRITZ!OS provides users with useful analyses of the wireless LAN environment. Plus, they benefit from new telephony options such as the telephone book blacklist for unwanted calls, new functions for parental controls and general improvements to product security. FRITZ!Fon received new start screens, flexible font sizes and can now show live images from IP intercom systems. Starting this winter, the new FRITZ!Box also provides for comfortable temperatures and supports energy-efficient heating. In combination with a Comet DECT radiator control it can regulate the temperature at home. For more information about FRITZ!OS 6.50, please see:

Convenient home networking with FRITZ!

AVM has the current demands of home networks in its sights with its FRITZ! products: fast Internet, powerful networking and intelligent wireless LAN for many big data applications that can be used on various mobile devices. FRITZ!WLAN repeaters, FRITZ! powerline and FRITZ!WLAN sticks bring even more gigabit speed to the home. The new FRITZ!Powerline 1240E sends data via the home's electrical wiring and provides a wireless access point in addition to the LAN port. More speed and range in the home network via high-speed Dual Wireless AC + N are provided for by the FRITZ!WLAN Repeater 1750E and 1160. The new FRITZ!WLAN Stick AC 860 integrates older computers and notebooks into the home network with fast Wireless AC. The free FRITZ!Apps extend the functions of the FRITZ!Box and enable secure access from anywhere (

More information on the FTTH Conference can be found here:

FRITZ!Box 5490 details at a glance

  • Direct access for point-to-point FTTH connections (Active Optical Network)
  • For direct connection to the fiber optic socket, optional use with an ONU
  • Gigabit Internet, telephony and IP TV
  • Dual wireless LAN: Wireless AC (5 GHz) at up to 1300 Mbit/s and Wireless N (2.4 GHz) at up to 450 Mbit/s (3x3 MIMO)
  • 4 x gigabit Ethernet
  • 2 x USB 3.0 port for printers and storage media
  • DECT base station for up to 6 handsets and Smart Home applications
  • Internal ISDN S₀ bus for ISDN telephones or ISDN telephone system
  • 2 x a/b ports for analog telephones, answering machines and fax
  • VPN connections
  • Preconfigured firewall, filter functions and encryption for DECT and wireless LAN
  • Media server makes music, pictures and videos available to devices in the home network (SMB, FTP, UPnP AV)
  • Secure access to your own FRITZ!Box from anywhere using MyFRITZ!
  • Platform for networked applications like IP TV, video on demand and media streaming, thanks to the powerful dual-core processor
  • Parental controls, push service, cloud contacts, online storage
  • Guest access: sharing of existing Internet connection over LAN or wireless LAN


  • FTTH – Fiber to the Home
  • AON – Active Optical Network
  • ONU – Optical Network Unit: A device that transforms the fiber optic signal and transmits it via Ethernet port. No longer required, since the transformation is taken care of by the FRITZ!Box 5490.
  • There are many terms for the fiber optic socket on the wall: FTU: Fiber Termination Unit, Gf-TAE: subscriber line terminating unit for fiber optics (Germany), OTO: Optical Telecommunication Outlet (Switzerland)
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