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19 Jan 2016
AVM Market Launch of FRITZ!Box 6820 LTE

New FRITZ!Box 6820 LTE: Fast Internet in all LTE networks and high convenience make it ideal for the home and on the road

  • Mobile Internet with up to 150 Mbit/s
  • Transmits via LTE (4G) and UMTS (3G) in all European countries
  • Fast Wireless N with up to 450 Mbit/s in the 2.4-GHz band
  • Gigabit LAN and numerous network options
  • Equipped with the current FRITZ!OS and remote access to the home network

AVM presents the FRITZ!Box 6820 LTE, the first FRITZ!Box to support LTE (4G) and UMTS (3G). The handy FRITZ!Box 6820 LTE is suitable for use both at home and when traveling. Fast Internet via LTE with up to 150 Mbit/s, short reaction times and the tried and true highlights of the FRITZ!Box make you independent of DSL and cable connections. Thanks to its multi-band support, the FRITZ!Box 6820 LTE transmits in all European countries and enables roaming. If no connection can be established via LTE/4G, it automatically switches to the fastest connection available (3G/2G). Thanks to gigabit LAN and Wireless N with up to 450 Mbit/s in the 2.4 frequency band, the FRITZ!Box 6820 LTE offers versatile network options. The additional equipment includes a firewall, parental controls, and wireless guest access, along with remote access, VPN connection and much more. With five years manufacturer's warranty and regular, free updates for FRITZ!OS, the FRITZ!Box 6820 LTE provides for permanent convenience. The FRITZ!Box 6820 LTE is on sale now for EUR 185 (plus VAT; RRP).

Fast Internet at home and when traveling

The FRITZ!Box 6820 LTE offers fast Internet via mobile communications networks, at downstream data rates of up to 150 Mbit/s. The device transmits in six LTE (4G) bands and three UMTS (3G) bands and supports roaming. Since the integrated LTE category 4 modem (CAT 4 FDD) supports all of the LTE bands used in Europe, the FRITZ!Box enables fast mobile Internet even on travels in other European countries.

Maximum flexibility for ideal reception

The FRITZ!Box 6820 LTE switches flexibly between the 3G and 4G network, depending on the availability of the signal. The FRITZ!Box 6820 LTE was designed to provide for ideal reception and mobility. The housing stands upright to further improve reception quality. The FRITZ!Box 6820 LTE is so light and handy, it can be set up nearly anywhere and is easy to transport.

Wireless convenience with top security

Fast Wireless N with up to 450 MBit/s and great range enables wireless connections for all users within the home network. Wireless devices like tablets, notebooks and smartphones can be connected with the FRITZ!Box 6820 LTE at the touch of a button (WPS). And all radio connections are securely encrypted with WPA2 ex works. In addition, a fast gigabit LAN port is available for another network device. Broadband-intensive applications like HD streaming, online gaming and video on demand can be enjoyed at top speeds.

Always up to date thanks to FRITZ!OS

AVM is constantly adding new functions to the operating system of the FRITZ!Box – FRITZ!OS – through updates. This way users of the FRITZ!Box 6820 LTE benefit from the best convenience features in the home network. This includes an intuitive user interface, a wireless guest access and a detailed wireless LAN display. Additional highlights are parental controls, firewall, VPN functions, auto-updates and much more. Thanks to the MyFRITZ service and the MyFRITZ!App users can also access their data from anywhere.

FRITZ!Box 6820 LTE at a glance

  • Internet via LTE: up to 150 Mbit/s downstream and 50 Mbit/s upstream (CAT 4, FDD)
  • Multi-band support:
    o    6 LTE frequencies (FDD): band 20 (800 MHz), band 3 (1.8 GHz), band 7 (2.6 GHz), band 1 (2.1 GHz), band 8 (900 MHz), band 5 (850 MHz)
    o    3 UMTS frequencies: Band 1 (2.1 GHz), band 8 (900 MHz), band 5 (850 MHz)
  • Fallback to GSM/EDGE/GPRS when LTE or UMTS coverage is insufficient
  • Supports roaming
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