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16 Mar 2015
AVM at Cebit 2015 – hall 13, stand C48

Smart home with FRITZ! – Everything networked from A to Z

  • FRITZ!Box: the powerful home network hub
  • Deluxe TV: television on smartphones and tablets
  • More convenience for music enthusiasts
  • Home automation: Control of washing machine or door intercom system
  • FRITZ!Fon and FRITZ!App as media controls

AVM's slogan for Cebit 2015, "FRITZ! – Faster home" emphasizes on fast networking to the outside world and within the home. The focus is on the best wireless LAN ever for the smartphone and tablet: Wireless AC Wave 2 with Multi-User MIMO technology. The FRITZ!Box is already used for fast, secure Internet access in millions of European households. With the FRITZ! products it is easier and safer to network all different kinds of devices in the home − and to do so at speeds that wirelessly transmit even high volumes of data like HD video in top quality. Connected Home, Internet of Things, Home Automation − the list of keywords is long. But the user has long since decided on the multimedia Smart Home. Televisions connected with the Internet, media players, game consoles and wireless speakers, web radios and AV receivers are the hits in today's home networks, along with tablets and smartphones. For users, this multimedia Smart Home with high data rates and loads of content is the true winner. The FRITZ!Box as a powerful home network hub, which supports secure technologies like wireless LAN, DECT and powerline, allows all devices in the home network to operate together intelligently − from smartphones to televisions, computers and the music system all the way to household appliances like washing machines, lamps or even the aquarium. With wireless repeaters, DECT telephones, powerline adapters, smart plugs, and FRITZ!Apps, AVM offers a slew of solutions for smart home networking. This lets users use their various network devices not only to access the Internet quickly and securely, but also to control them from a central hub − and even to do so with their own smartphones using FRITZ!App, no matter what their current location.

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Connecting everything in a safe, smart network

While just a few years ago the PC or notebook was the only device in the home connected with the Internet, most of today's users also access the web using smartphones, tablets, game consoles, and smart TVs. Now that ever more printers, hard drives, home electronics, and household appliances support networking, there are more demands than ever on the home network. It has to be easy to operate so that everyone can take advantage of the benefits of a comprehensive home network. This is why AVM builds on the simple installation of individual devices, preconfigured security features including its own firewall, economical Eco modes and our very own service for secure access to the network. Regardless of whether the customer connects via DSL, cable, fiber optic, or mobile communications, there is a suitable FRITZ!Box for every connection.

Deluxe television: Live TV, streaming and entertainment on demand

In modern households the television is being supplemented ever more often with tablets and smartphones (second screens), and media consumption is gradually shifting toward streaming and on-demand services. The FRITZ!Box offers the right platform for every kind of media consumption. The integrated media player grants access to external and internal media, from the MP3 collection to vacation snapshots and videos, all the way to IPTV and streaming of music, news and movies in top quality. With the FRITZ!WLAN Repeater DVB-C, all PCs, tablets and smartphones are transformed into television sets. The programs can be received on any device via FRITZ!App TV or a suitable media player like the VLC player.

More convenience for music enjoyment

With the FRITZ!Box your music can be streamed throughout the entire home network. FRITZ!Box's ultra-fast wireless LAN combined with wireless speakers or multiroom systems offers convenient and flexible music enjoyment. The FRITZ!Box establishes a stable, powerful wireless network and takes care of transporting the data to your speakers in the home network. If the distances to be bridged are particularly great, for instance across several stories, FRITZ!WLAN Repeaters or FRITZ!Powerline provide for the best connections. With the FRITZ!Fon models, you can listen to your music collection at any location in the home network, or hear web radio or podcasts in HD.

Home automation: Controlling the washing machine, aquarium or door intercom system over the network

The new FRITZ!Box models support a variety of Smart Home applications. FRITZ!DECT 200 and FRITZ!Powerline 546E are two smart plugs AVM offers for switching and controlling electrical devices. Using the FRITZ!Box as a central interface, users can control the individual components − and with the FRITZ!Apps they can even do so using their own smartphone or a secure remote access. From the coffee machine to lighting to the aquarium, a wide spectrum of terminal equipment can be switched and controlled over the home network. Energy consumption is easy to measure and can be minimized as needed using an appropriate configuration. The smart plug detects when the wash cycle of the connected washing machine is complete, and notifies the user by push mail. The FRITZ!Box interface for the home telephone system can even be used to integrate door intercoms into the home network. This way calls at the intercom can be accepted anywhere in the home or out in the garden.

Media control via FRITZ!Fon and FRITZ!Apps

The cordless FRITZ!Fon models are ideal media controls for the FRITZ!Box. The telephones can be used to operate light switches and other electrical consumers, and even to control your own MP3 collection. Your favorite music or radio programs can be played over the telephone or sent to a wireless speaker. It is also possible to read and respond to e-mail on the FRITZ!Fon. With the free FRITZ!Apps from AVM for Android and iOS, even smartphones can be transformed into a remote control for equipment within your own four walls. The apps provide for fast, easy access to the many convenient functions of the FRITZ!Box.

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