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26 Feb 2015
AVM increasing its technological advantage in stationary LTE

FRITZ!OS 6.21 gives a new boost for FRITZ!Box LTE

  •  New FRITZ!OS 6.21 for FRITZ!Box LTE
  • New: LTE rates with PPP authentication can be used with FRITZ!Box LTE
  • New: FRITZ!Box LTE now supports roaming
  • LTE connections stabler and considerably faster under unfavorable reception conditions
  • FRITZ!Box commercially available for all LTE networks

With the new FRITZ!OS 6.21 software for the FRITZ!Box LTE models AVM creates even more advantages for stationary LTE deployment. With FRITZ!Box 6840 LTE and 6810 LTE AVM is offering two powerful models equipped with top features for the Internet, telephony and home networking via LTE. Above all in rural regions with insufficient DSL or cable infrastructure, LTE products have become established as the reliable interface for broadband connections. The new FRITZ!OS 6.21 offers new features like roaming across provider networks, and Internet connections via network nodes secured with additional account data (PPP authentication). This allows the use of rates that always provide a fixed IP address for VPN and other professional applications. The software update also improves transmission speed and the long-term stability of the LTE connection between the FRITZ!Box and the LTE cell, especially under unfavorable reception conditions. Since FRITZ!OS 6.20 the FRITZ!Box LTE models have benefited from innovations and improvements covering such things as wireless LAN, DECT, network storage, Smart Home, and parental controls – all for increased transparency, safety, and convenience. FRITZ!OS 6.21 is available immediately for downloading to FRITZ!Box LTE.

More performance – Select contract according to actual data throughput at your location

By further developing LTE functions, AVM underlines its expertise in the stationary deployment of modern mobile communications technology. In contrast to the mobile use of LTE with a smartphone, deploying LTE for a stationary broadband connection allows users to expect enduring, stable connections like those with DSL or cable. The new FRITZ!OS 6.21 is optimized for advances in LTE networks and now offers stabler connections as well as higher data throughput. The software update also improves interoperability with the LTE network by taking greater account of aspects specific to each provider's network. Even with a weak reception signal, the FRITZ!Box models with FRITZ!OS 6.21 are now connected even faster and more stably with the best LTE cell. For many users outside metropolitan areas, this makes LTE an important – and often the only – alternative to Internet connections based on cable or DSL. With FRITZ!OS 6.21, a FRITZ!Box LTE can now determine the maximum data throughput that can be achieved via the given LTE cell. Knowing this value for the maximum data rate lets the user adjust his LTE rate accordingly. FRITZ!Box LTE can be deployed in all LTE networks and is available in stores now.

New features for roaming and fixed IPs

With the new FRITZ!OS 6.21, the FRITZ!Box LTE models are equipped with helpful features like the "Use account data" option. It allows LTE access points with PPP authentication (Point-to-Point Protocol) to be used. This is necessary for some LTE rates in order to receive fixed IP addresses for VPN connections or other business applications. Now it is also possible to access the network of another LTE provider with the SIM card from your own provider (roaming). Users who use their FRITZ!Box LTE professionally or privately at various locations thus can enjoy Internet access even when they are not located in their own provider's LTE cell. In countries hat support LTE provider roaming, this allows selection of the LTE network with the best coverage in any given location.

The FRITZ!OS upgrade – quick and simple

AVM offers two powerful FRITZ!Box models that allow the ultra-fast Internet connections at home via the LTE mobile network. FRITZ!Box 6840 LTE supports all available LTE networks: 800 MHz for more sparsely populated regions and 2.6 GHz and 1.8 GHz for deployment in urban areas. The FRITZ!Box 6810 LTE transmits in both the 800 MHz and 2.6 GHz bands. All LTE models are equipped with fast Wireless N with 300 Mbit/s and offer many communications and networking options via LTE. An integrated telephone system including a DECT base station for up to six cordless telephones, five answering machines, and on the FRITZ!Box 6840 even an analog interface for existing telephones or fax machines are included in the convenient features of the FRITZ!Box LTE. For more information, see:

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