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21 Jan 2015
More performance for FRITZ!Box and FRITZ!WLAN Repeater with FRITZ!OS 6.20

FRITZ!OS 6.20 available immediately for all current FRITZ!Box and FRITZ!WLAN Repeater models

  • FRITZ!OS 6.20 now available for all current FRITZ!Box models
  • Now an update for wireless repeaters as well: Improved wireless LAN performance with 6.20
  • The latest version of the operating system offers more transparency, safety, and convenience

The new FRITZ!OS 6.20 is available now for all current FRITZ!Box models and FRITZ!WLAN Repeaters. FRITZ!Box models for DSL and LTE benefit from innovations and improvements to wireless LAN, network storage and Smart Home as well as the new Auto-Update function. FRITZ!OS 6.20 offers a slew of new features for all FRITZ!WLAN Repeaters, too, including fast guest access to wireless LAN, easier operation with a smartphone or tablet, and automatic updating. For more information on the new FRITZ!OS, go to

The new FRITZ!OS 6.20 now also for FRITZ!WLAN Repeaters

With FRITZ!OS 6.20 the FRITZ!WLAN Repeaters 300E, 310, 450E and 1750E from AVM are even more powerful and receive the optional function for automatic updating. The FRITZ!Powerline products with wireless LAN (540E and 546E) also benefit from the new version 6.20. Connecting with the wireless guest access now works for repeaters as well, with just a simple click (WPS, Wi-Fi Protected Setup). With FRITZ!OS 6.20 the repeater settings have been optimized for smartphones and tablets. It is now even simpler to set up and operate a wireless LAN schedule, and all important information on device settings and speed are easy to read.

Overview of the most important functions of FRITZ!OS 6.20

FRITZ!OS 6.20 is available for all current FRITZ!Box models for DSL and LTE. A plethora of innovations and improvements covering wireless LAN, DECT, network storage, Smart Home, and parental controls offer users increased transparency, safety, and convenience. With FRITZ!OS it is easier for users to monitor the wireless LAN: The central security page features an overview of all wireless devices, and the start page now shows the name of your radio network. Settings for the wireless guest access can also be configured by clicking here. This makes it easy the the user to quickly configure a private hotspot for guests. Thanks to a new option in the parental controls, the wireless guest access cannot be used to circumvent security settings. The new security overview makes everything more transparent as well: Here all security settings and information are presented clearly, for instance, which ports are open to and from the Internet. AVM is offering its first auto update function in FRITZ!OS 6.20. Now users can choose among several options to receive new versions of FRITZ!OS. More security for HTTPS services is provided by the latest TLS 1.2 encryption standard. FRITZ!NAS users benefit from a browser-based media player and new functions for NAS files. FRITZ!OS 6.20 also expands the Smart Home features and turns the smart plug FRITZ!DECT 200 and the FRITZ!DECT Repeater 100 into temperatur sensors.

The FRITZ!OS upgrade – quick and simple

FRITZ!OS 6.20 is available immediately as a free upgrade for all current FRITZ!Box models for DSL and LTE. To use FRITZ!OS users simply enter "" in the browser and select the Update Wizard on the user interface. The new FRITZ!OS is installed in just two clicks. For more information on FRITZ!OS 6.20, see The update for FRITZ!Box cable models is supplied by the cable providers. FRITZ!WLAN Repeater users can start the software update right on the interface at "http://fritz.repeater".

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