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In our press photo area, you’ll find up-to-date images of all AVM products as well as logos and infographics for use in print (resolution of 300 dpi). Information about the image (IPTC), as well as details of copyright and usage rights, is stored with each image.

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FRITZ!Box 7490

The new FRITZ!Box 7490 combines gigabit speed, the latest hardware and vectoring technology for even faster VDSL. It builds on Wireless AC standard with 1300 Mbit/s (5 GHz) and Wireless N with 450 Mbit/s (2.4 GHz), yet is downward compatible with 802.11a/b/g/n. It is also equipped with 4 gigabit LAN and 2 USB 3.0 ports. An integrated telephone system including a DECT base station rounds out the comprehensive package.

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New FRITZ!OS with private WiFi hotspot, vectoring and much more

FRITZ!OS 6.01 from AVM makes the FRITZ!Box smarter and offers a wealth of innovation: The wireless LAN guest access has been turned into a private WiFi hotspot, allowing tablets and smartphones to connect with the home network using a convenient QR code. FRITZ!OS 6.01 makes the FRITZ!Box ready for tomorrow's DSL vectoring technology. With the new FRITZ!OS AVM has also added new functions to MyFRITZ!, parental control, and the Smart Home. The new release simplifies setup of VPN connections and integrates cloud services in the FRITZ!Box.

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MyFRITZ! and FRITZ!NAS – The secure, private cloud from AVM

Store private data at home with FRITZ!Box and access them securely from anywhere – the FRITZ!Box from AVM makes this reality. Pictures, music, videos, and documents can be reached at a central location in the home network by all devices including laptops, TVs and tablets. Even from on the road the data in the home network can be accessed safely via your notebook or smartphone. For transmission and access the data are encrypted using the approved https security standard. MyFRITZ! and FRITZ!NAS make up the free, private cloud already at any FRITZ!Box owner's disposal.

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FRITZ!OS 5.50 for all current FRITZ!Box models

AVM treated all of its current German FRITZ!Box models to more than 100 improvements and features with the free FRITZ!OS 5.50. The new software upgrade adds more useful functions to the FRITZ!Box, improving the telephone book, answering machine, MyFRITZ!, NAS, the media player and faxing. FRITZ!Box can now double as a Smart Home control center, with FRITZ!Fon serving as an all-in-one remote control for the whole home network.

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Live Cable TV over wireless LAN and IP at higher speeds

With a new live TV technology demonstration for upcoming FRITZ!Box Cable models, AVM is showing television everywhere in the home network. The DVB-C television signal from the cable TV connection is distributed throughout the entire home network via LAN, wireless LAN and powerline. The current television program is thus available for viewing on smartphones, tablets, notebooks and PCs. Digital free TV programs can be received, including HD channels.

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New FRITZ!Apps for more convenience and security

AVM presents a set of new apps that simplify applications in the home network and create clever new application possibilities. With the MyFRITZ!App access to the FRITZ!Box at home from anywhere becomes child’s play. The FRITZ!App WLAN keeps an eye on the home network’s wireless LAN. Another debut is the FRITZ!App Cam, which lets Android smartphones or tablets at home double as webcams.

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FRITZ!OS for FRITZ!Box Cable

With FRITZ!OS, AVM is introducing its cross-platform firmware at Anga Cable. FRITZ!Box Cable is gaining numerous new features in all things WLAN, telephony and NAS. For the first time ever, FRITZ!Box Cable
offers guest access so that visitors can enjoy simple and secure
surfing. The interaction with smartphones and tablets has also
been expanded – for access both at home and on the go. One of the highlights is the new MyFRITZ! Service, AVM’s simple and secure solution to the personal FRITZ!Box. Any photos, music and files
stored on it can be accessed from absolutely anywhere.

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AVM and IPv6

The FRITZ!Box manufacturer AVM of Germany is taking part in World IPv6 Day. The Internet Society (ISOC) organization has announced a global initiative for the new Internet standard IPv6, to be held on June 8. The aim of the 24-hour initiative is to get Internet providers, hardware manufacturers, and website operators ready for the transition from IPv4 to IPv6. AVM has already been supporting IPv6 for two years and has even been demonstrating the reliability of the FRITZ!Box in conjunction with the new standard in collaboration with 7,000 IPv6 customers of the Dutch Internet provider XS4ALL.

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