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Press Releases

21 June 2022
Save around 40 percent energy on a fiber optic connection with a router modem combo
Consumers who opt for a combined device for internet access can save around 40 percent of their energy costs on a fiber optic connection. This is the result of a survey conducted by Berlin-based communications specialist AVM.
9 June 2022
Future-proof and energy-efficient fiber optic connections with FRITZ!Box Fiber
At the Fiberdays 22 from 14 to 15 June AVM will show trade visitors how easily fiber optic internet can find its way into homes and apartments.
2 May 2022
For every broadband connection: FRITZ! products with Wi-Fi 6 and Mesh Wi-Fi
The Berlin communications specialist AVM will be presenting the current product generation for broadband internet via cable, fiber optics and DSL at the ANGA COM 2022 conference from 10 to 12 May.
24 March 2022
FRITZ! in spring – three tips for the Smart Home
With FRITZ!, Smart Home users can sit back and enjoy spring. Three tips from AVM for Smart Home in springtime.
16 March 2022
18 years of FRITZ!Box: from the birth of the home network to the fastest FRITZ!Box with 10 Gbit/s
To mark the FRITZ!Box's 18th birthday, AVM takes a look back at five milestones in FRITZ!Box history since the router was unveiled in 2004.
28 February 2022
Convenient and efficient heating with the FRITZ!DECT 302 smart radiator control
With the FRITZ!DECT 302 AVM is launching a new additional smart radiator control. Connected to a FRITZ!Box, it automatically and precisely regulates the room temperature.
24 February 2022
Product premiere for fiber optics – Wi-Fi 6 and Mesh Wi-Fi for the digital home
At the international industry event MWC 2022, taking place from 28 February to 3 March, the Berlin-based communications specialist AVM will present the current product generation for DSL, cable and 5G – as well as a premiere for fiber optics.
17 February 2022
AVM launches FRITZ! Lab – new possibilities in the networked home
AVM is starting a new Lab round, giving a taste of what to expect in the next big FRITZ!OS 7.50.
5 January 2022
New FRITZ!Box 6690 Cable. High-performance cable internet with Wi-Fi 6 and gigabit speed
AVM brings high-speed Wi-Fi to cable connections with the FRITZ!Box 6690 Cable.
4 January 2022
New FRITZ!Box 4060: Tri-band wireless router with Wi-Fi 6 and DECT
With the FRITZ!Box 4060, AVM is launching the first tri-band wireless router for Wi-Fi 6.
7 December 2021
FRITZ!Box 7510: New entry-level DSL model for the home network with Wi-Fi 6
With the FRITZ!Box 7510, AVM is introducing an entry-level model for DSL connections that supports the new Wi-Fi 6 wireless standard.
28 October 2021
Smart heating with FRITZ!
When the temperatures outside start to drop come autumn, the radiator goes on at home. During the cold months, the Smart Home products from FRITZ! help keep your own four walls warm in an intelligent and energy-saving way. Here are three smart heating tips from AVM.


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