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Press Releases

16 May 2023
For fiber, cable and DSL – FRITZ!Box brings Wi-Fi 7, tri-band Mesh and Smart Home to broadband connections
At this year's ANGA COM, AVM is showing trade visitors its new products for fiber, cable and DSL connections with support for Wi-Fi 7.
13 April 2023
10G, Wi-Fi 7 and Zigbee - FRITZ!Box Fiber of the future at the FTTH Conference 2023
At the FTTH Conference 2023 from 18 to 20 April in Madrid, AVM will present what the future generation of FRITZ!Box Fiber will offer.
23 February 2023
The technical details of the four new FRITZ! products
AVM is unveiling its first products for this year's MWC 23 focus themes; The planned, technical details are described in this press release.
23 February 2023
FRITZ! innovations for the fast broadband future: New FRITZ products for fiber and DSL with Wi-Fi 7, for tri-band Mesh, 5G and Smart Home
At this year's MWC in Barcelona, the Berlin-based communications specialist AVM is presenting new FRITZ! products for its focus themes in 2023.
6 February 2023
FRITZ!OS 7.50 brings new features for FRITZ!Apps
With the major FRITZ!OS 7.50 update, AVM is expanding the range of functions in the free FRITZ!Apps.
26 January 2023
Renowned consumer organization awards 2023's best Wi-Fi routers and mesh systems
Five FRITZ! products on top in independent comparison test
1 December 2022
FRITZ!OS 7.50 makes the digital home faster and smarter – over 150 new features and improvements
AVM is starting the roll-out of FRITZ!OS 7.50 today, the major update with over 150 new features and useful improvements for all FRITZ! products.
2 November 2022
FRITZ!Repeater 3000 AX market launch – new tri-band repeater with Wi-Fi 6
With the FRITZ!Repeater 3000 AX, AVM is launching a new tri-band repeater that extends Wi-Fi networks with fast Wi-Fi 6 and intelligent Mesh technology.
13 October 2022
New FRITZ! products and innovations for the best broadband home network
"powerful. connected. home.": From 18 to 20 October AVM will be showing what is possible in the home network thanks to top broadband technology at this year's BBWF industry event – now part of Network X.
12 October 2022
FRITZ!Box 5590 Fiber receives certification from Broadband Forum
The FRITZ!Box 5590 Fiber has received BBF.247 certification for the two fiber optic technologies GPON and XGS-PON from the global Broadband Forum (BBF).
25 August 2022
Two product premieres for Mesh Wi-Fi and telephony – a versatile FRITZ!OS 7.50 – experience fiber optics live with FRITZ!
AVM will be showing new FRITZ! products for Mesh Wi-Fi, Smart Home and a new FRITZ!Fon at IFA 2022 in Berlin from 2 - 6 September.
25 August 2022
Save energy, heat efficiently with FRITZ!DECT 302 and more Smart Home with major FRITZ!OS 7.50 update
At IFA in September, AVM is presenting the new intelligent radiator control FRITZ!DECT 302 and the major FRITZ!OS 7.50 update that will help users to make their homes smart and energy efficient.


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