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Press Releases

05. January 2022
New FRITZ!Box 6690 Cable. High-performance cable internet with Wi-Fi 6 and gigabit speed
AVM brings high-speed Wi-Fi to cable connections with the FRITZ!Box 6690 Cable.
04. January 2022
New FRITZ!Box 4060: Tri-band wireless router with Wi-Fi 6 and DECT
With the FRITZ!Box 4060, AVM is launching the first tri-band wireless router for Wi-Fi 6.
07. December 2021
FRITZ!Box 7510: New entry-level DSL model for the home network with Wi-Fi 6
With the FRITZ!Box 7510, AVM is introducing an entry-level model for DSL connections that supports the new Wi-Fi 6 wireless standard.
28. October 2021
Smart heating with FRITZ!
When the temperatures outside start to drop come autumn, the radiator goes on at home. During the cold months, the Smart Home products from FRITZ! help keep your own four walls warm in an intelligent and energy-saving way. Here are three smart heating tips from AVM.
12. October 2021
New: Compact and versatile FRITZ!Repeater 1200 AX with Wi-Fi 6 and Mesh Wi-Fi
With the FRITZ!Repeater 1200 AX, another repeater with the Wi-Fi 6 wireless standard is launched, bringing Wi-Fi to every corner of the home. With a white, compact design on the outside, making it not much bigger than a standard socket, and equipped with Wi-Fi 6, the latest processor and innovative Mesh Wi-Fi technology on the inside: The FRITZ!Repeater 1200 AX is a little Mesh powerhouse for high-range Wi-Fi.
05. October 2021
FRITZ! in your pocket
The FRITZ!Apps make it easy to control and enjoy home networking from a smartphone or tablet. New free-of-charge features and apps are being added by AVM all the time. Users benefit from greater convenience and a range of useful features for everyday use. Here is an overview of the latest features and updates.
30. September 2021
FRITZ! product launches for cable internet and Wi-Fi 6
In keeping with the slogan "Gigabit Power. Smart Wi-Fi." AVM will be presenting solutions for a powerful home network for broadband connections at this year's Broadband World Forum (BBWF). These include the new FRITZ!Box 6690 Cable and the FRITZ!Box 4060 tri-band wireless router, which are being presented for the first time.
16. September 2021
Mesh everywhere
The number of FRITZ products that use Mesh technology to offer powerful Wi-Fi at home has doubled in the space of a year. Mesh Wi-Fi is a system consisting of FRITZ!Box, FRITZ!Repeater or FRITZ!Powerline devices which spans a common Wi-Fi network and provides multiple devices with uninterrupted Wi-Fi and greater coverage at the same time.
14. September 2021
FRITZ!Box is ready for any fiber optic connection
With FRITZ! products, the full potential of fiber optic connections can be used. AVM will be demonstrating how this can be done at the FTTH Conference, which is taking place virtually this year.
24. August 2021
The perfect home network for gamers – with FRITZ!
When it comes to action packed online shooters, a fraction of a second can mean victory or defeat. FRITZ! products ensure transmission of data in the home network is fast and reliable.
16. June 2021
The new FRITZ!Box 6850 5G for the FRITZ! experience with 5G
With the FRITZ!Box 6850 5G, AVM is launching an all-in-one router for the new 5G mobile communications standard.
04. May 2021
FRITZ!Box 7590 AX – the new digital home hub with Wi-Fi 6
With the new FRITZ!Box 7590 AX, AVM is expanding its DSL portfolio with a new variant of the popular FRITZ!Box 7590 with Wi-Fi 6.


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