12 June 2024

Printi: The AVM product of the future?

To mark the 20th anniversary of FRITZ!Box, AVM invited fans to a future workshop. From over 1,400 applicants, twelve fans were selected, who made the trip to Berlin on 7 June. They were asked to find the answer to the question: What will the digital home look like in 20 years? And the results spoke for themselves.

Over 60 creative product ideas

With 130,000 followers, the AVM YouTube channel is popular with FRITZ! fans. The participants were therefore thrilled to see presenters Gordon, Dom and Philipp, who accompanied the three teams over the course of the day.

After a brainstorming session about products, including a flux capacitor, and features, such as the scent of lemon, the teams entered the creative stage of the competition to design what they wanted to see in their home of the future.

The Future Prize for the digital home

The participants came up with over 60 ideas for new products. At lunchtime, the participants were given insights into AVM’s hardware development. The three best ideas were then developed further and presented to the AVM panel of experts:

The smart 3D printer Printi, which transforms plastic waste into useful objects. My Energy, which monitors and optimizes energy consumption. There is also the Smart Health Watch, which records and communicates health data.

The jury was impressed with Printi and its visionary approach to eliminating plastic waste and was named the winner of the Future Prize.