24 June 2024

FRITZ!Box 7690: Wi-Fi 7 brings super fast Wi-Fi to DSL connections

Wi-Fi 7, the new wireless standard, brings more than just higher speeds. The FRITZ!Box 7690 uses a Wi-Fi configuration that combines fast data transmission with low energy consumption. Discover the benefits of Wi-Fi 7 with the FRITZ!Box 7690.

FRITZ!Box 7690 with extra fast Wi-Fi 7

The FRITZ!Box 7690 supports Wi-Fi 7 on both the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands. Wi-Fi 7 devices with 4x4 MIMO reach speeds of up to 1400 Mbit/s (2.4 GHz) and 5760 Mbit/s (5 GHz). Even large amounts of data can be transferred in no time and streaming, gaming, etc. all run smoothly. Some notebooks, PC cards and smartphones already support Wi-Fi 7 today and the number is constantly increasing.

Multi-Link Operation technology uses several Wi-Fi bands simultaneously to transmit data between the FRITZ!Box and a wireless device. This provides additional speed reserves.

Ideal for real-time applications and robust against interference

Wi-Fi 7 offers Wi-Fi connections with extremely low latency. It's therefore ideal for real-time applications such as gaming, virtual reality or video calls.

Neighboring Wi-Fi networks or devices such as microwaves can cause interference. The punctured mode targets blocked frequency ranges and removes them. This means you profit from a more stable connection.

Find out more about Wi-Fi 7

The FRITZ!Box 7690 strikes a balance between maximum energy efficiency and maximum performance. This means you keep electricity costs down and can focus on sustainability with FRITZ!.

The press is also impressed, awarding the FRITZ!Box 7690 top marks in test reports and praising the very high Wi-Fi speeds.