14 June 2024

FRITZ! tips for streaming the European Football Championship

The European Football Championship in Germany is starting today, encompassing 51 games in 31 days that you won’t want to miss. To ensure that everything runs smoothly when streaming Euro 2024 matches, check out these useful tips.

A fast internet connection

A fast internet connection is needed for uninterrupted streaming. A full HD stream usually works well with a connection of up to 16 Mbit/s, while a 4K stream requires more bandwidth. If several people in the same household want to watch multiple streams in high quality at the same time, then a faster connection is recommended for smooth streams.

DSL, cable or fiber – there's a FRITZ!Box for every connection. This ensures that the streams are distributed efficiently and quickly in your home network and it also offers fast and powerful Wi-Fi.

Top Wi-Fi for top streaming

If the Wi-Fi reception is not strong enough at your favorite spot, a FRITZ!Repeater can help. Connect your receiver or TV to the FRITZ!Repeater via Wi-Fi or LAN cable and place it in a location with good reception. This will optimize the stream as well as the Wi-Fi signal for other devices.

Together with a FRITZ!Box, a Mesh Wi-Fi network is created. The FRITZ!Box assumes control, ensuring that all devices always receive the best connection. You can find more useful tips in our guide “How to get the best Wi-Fi”.

FRITZ!Box streams the TV signal

With the FRITZ!Box Cable models you can stream live TV directly to your tablet or smartphone. All you need is cable internet and the FRITZ!App TV. Getting set up is easy and is explained in our guide "Stream your cable TV signal wirelessly anywhere in your home".

With DSL or fiber and a supported IPTV service, television signal can be distributed in the home network via the FRITZ!Box "Live TV" function.

Right of way in the home network

If multiple users are using data-intensive applications such as browsing or streaming at the same time, the internet bandwidth will quickly be at capacity. With user-configured prioritization, streams, TV or video calls run smoothly even under heavy network load. This means you don't have to worry about the connection being lost or the picture freezing when the deciding goal is scored.

With these tips you're well equipped to enjoy a summer of football in top quality!