18 April 2023

The six advantages of fiber optics

There are excellent reasons to rely on fiber optic technology for your internet connection. And it's not just because of the high speeds. FRITZ!Box also has a part to play.

1. Extreme speed potential

Since fiber optics can transmit data at the speed of light, there is currently still great potential for development. You can currently find tariffs that give you speeds of around 1 Gbit/s. But from a technical point of view a thousand times as much is possible! In the future there will be new technologies and hardware that will be able to process and distribute these high volumes of data.

2. Low latency

The first advantage with the enormously high speeds results in another positive: Since the data is transmitted at the maximum physical speed possible, the runtimes of the data packets are minimal. This is especially important for applications that rely on being updated as quickly as possible. This includes video calls, telephony and gaming.

3. Extra robust

Compared to other transmission media such as copper cable, fiber optics are free from electromagnetic interference. The optical fibers are also not affected by heat, cold or moisture.

4. High download and upload

Many fiber optic connections offer symmetrical connections, meaning the download and upload rates are equal. This is particularly interesting for users who need large data uploads, such as for videos.

5. Less is more

In the infrastructure for fiber optics, far fewer active components are required, such as DSLAMs, the familiar gray cabinets you can find on the street. This makes fiber optics significantly more effective in terms of speed and resources than other transmission technologies and ensures more efficient operation.

6. Lower power consumption with FRITZ!Box

You can connect the FRITZ!Box 5590 Fiber and 5530 Fiber directly to the fiber optic outlet and immediately enjoy the benefits of an all-in-one device. The FRITZ!Box integrates everything in one device, significantly reducing energy consumption. Compared to the use of two devices—a modem and router—a single combined device realizes electricity savings of up to 40 percent.

On our page "High-speed internet with fiber optics" you'll find even more exciting information about the technology and its possibilities.