29 July 2022

Lots going on in the Wi-Fi: The "Summer of Mesh" concert

What's going on here? A lot of devices play and transmit in your home network: your FRITZ!Box is the conductor in the truest sense of the word and ensures that all wireless devices in your home network work together harmoniously. Take a listen to the "Summer of Mesh" concert and find out more about the advantages of Mesh with FRITZ!.

Lot's going on in the Mesh

In the "Summer of Mesh" concert, each Wi-Fi client plays like its own instrument. And as the home network hub your FRITZ!Box is the director, ensuring bandwidth is optimally distributed among all devices.

What actually happens in the Mesh?

While working from home during the day, you want VPN and video calls to work reliably. While at the weekend, you might have a video chat with the family planned. If you have people coming over, guest access connects your visitors to the internet quickly and reliably throughout the home. At the same time, you're listening to music on your wireless speakers and taking a look at the photos from your holiday together.

Come evening, your favorite film is streaming in 4K on the TV, and someone else is watching the latest top series on their tablet. First on the couch, before moving to the bedroom for another episode. In addition, the next big game download for the latest action hit is coming up.

FRITZ!Box directs your Mesh

The scenarios mentioned have different requirements when it comes to the Wi-Fi connection. Your FRITZ!Box has everything under control and conducts the concert in such a way that ensures all devices are always optimally connected to the home network.

The magic word is Mesh: all wireless access points work together and form a common, uniform network, exchange settings and all devices benefit from the ideal connection for them: If, for example, a smartphone does not need much bandwidth, it can be switched to the 2.4 GHz band, which has a wide range, in order to free up resources for a high-demand notebook. If you move around the house with your tablet, another Mesh Repeater may be closer and provide better signal.

The advantages of Mesh at a glance

No matter what's going on in the Mesh: Your FRITZ!Box knows and optimizes the connection for the best performance in your "Summer of Mesh" concert. How Mesh complements your Wi-Fi perfectly:

  1. Always the best Wi-Fi signal thanks to band and access point steering
  2. The FRITZ!Box knows how busy things are in the current moment and how your home network is ideally set up for this.
  3. Once the FRITZ! products have been included in the Mesh at the touch of a button, the connections are optimized automatically.

FRITZ!Repeater, FRITZ!Powerline or even another FRITZ!Box in Mesh Repeater mode are the perfect partners in the Mesh. At the touch of a button, you integrate a new FRITZ! product into your Mesh and it adopts all settings.