16 August 2022

In addition to Wi-Fi, Mesh also works with telephony and Smart Home

A second FRITZ!Box as a Mesh Repeater is an efficient way of increasing the range of your home network and automatically adopts the Mesh Master's essential Wi-Fi settings (e.g. Wi-Fi login details, guest access, switching schedules). But Mesh with FRITZ! can do more: We take a look at what telephony and Smart Home have to do with Mesh in this article.

The synergy of telephony and Mesh

Simply use a FRITZ!Box as a Mesh Repeater, which opens up a range of interesting options for designing your own home network. Aside from Wi-Fi, telephony is an important component, since a FRITZ!Box is still a fully-fledged telephone system even when used as a Mesh Repeater.

All phone numbers set up in the Mesh Master can be transferred to any other FRITZ!Box set up as a Mesh Repeater and used with the phones connected there. This means you don't need to manually set up phone numbers on the Mesh Repeater.

In addition, all answering machines, call forwarding, call blocking, dialing rules and phone books are automatically adopted and can be managed centrally on the Mesh Master. Only telephony for the FRITZ!Box has to be activated once in the Mesh Master under "Home Network > Mesh > Mesh Settings > Telephony in the Mesh".

Smart home also plays along

Another component of Mesh with FRITZ! is Smart Home. When a FRITZ!Box is used as a Mesh Repeater, it can be used as an additional base station for Smart Home devices. Just like with Wi-Fi and telephony, the Mesh Master also takes over the central management and the Mesh Master's Mesh Overview gives you a quick overview of all Smart Home devices in the Mesh.

This allows Smart Home devices on the Mesh Master to be grouped and switched together with Smart Home devices on a Mesh Repeater, for example. Another plus: the number of Smart Home products that can be registered in your home network increases with the use of an additional FRITZ!Box.