4 July 2022

FRITZ!Box Fiber: save energy costs on your fiber optic connection

A FRITZ!Box Fiber can save around 40 percent in energy costs – compared to a connection that uses a router with an additional fiber optic modem. A FRITZ!Box Fiber integrates a router and modem as a combined device and is connected directly to the optical fibers at the passive network termination point. This saves electricity and ensures easy and convenient operation. Internet, Wi-Fi, streaming, telephony, Smart Home and much more – FRITZ!Box Fiber is the perfect choice for your fiber connection.

The advantage of a FRITZ!Box Fiber: There is no need to connect a second device to the internet. Compared to the average power consumption of a router with an external fiber optic modem, you can save around 40 percent in energy costs with a fully integrated FRITZ!Box Fiber. Calculated over five years, this results in a savings potential of 100 euros. With a total of around 2.5 million fiber optic connections in Germany, the potential savings would be equivalent to the power consumption of about 55,000 households.

This infographic gives an overview of the facts.

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