15 November 2022

Five reasons for a FRITZ!Box 5G/LTE

Thanks to modern technology such as 5G and 4G, mobile networks are powerful enough for streaming, downloads and reliable VPN connections when working from home. What can a FRITZ!Box with mobile internet do? The following five scenarios and functions show you.

1) Mobile internet is fast

A FRITZ!Box with mobile internet support is ideal for providing internet where other types of access are not available or are only available at low speeds. The FRITZ!Box provides fast internet and offers Wi-Fi and practical Smart Home features. Thanks to remote access via MyFRITZ! you always have everything in view and can access surveillance cameras, for example.

2) FRITZ! convenience wherever you are

Why not take your home network with you? Whether it's a holiday rental, a summer house or at home: all a FRITZ!Box 6890 LTE6850 5G/LTE or 6820 LTE needs is a power socket and mobile signal and you'll be online in no time. Not only that. You benefit from the full FRITZ! convenience, taking your internet and Wi-Fi settings with you and making calls using your FRITZ!Fon.

3) Get online fast

You're moving and need internet in your new flat or house? A FRITZ!Box 6890 LTE or 6850 5G/LTE is set up in no time and gives you and your family reliable internet. You don't even need someone to come and install it.

4) They're reliable

Without a safety net? Not with a FRITZ!Box: In LTE fallback mode, a FRITZ!Box with a mobile network interface ensures that there is always a connection to the internet, even if the DSL connection fails. 

5) Practical mobile functions for your home network

With FRITZ!OS 7.25 (and later) you can send and receive text messages with your FRITZ!Box 6890 LTE and 6850 5G/LTE. With the upcoming FRITZ!OS 7.50 update, you can even set up the phone number of the SIM card for phone calls with your 6850 5G or LTE - this function is already available for testing in the FRITZ! Lab. This means you make calls with a cell phone number, but use a FRITZ!Fon or the FRITZ!App Fon - so calls can also be made in the home.