20 May 2022

Award-winning Wi-Fi 6: FRITZ!Box 6690 Cable, 5590 Fiber and 4060 tested

With the FRITZ!Box and Wi-Fi 6 you get the most out of your connection. You can stream, play games and take part in video calls all at the same time, and it runs like clockwork. This is confirmed by tests recently carried out on the FRITZ!Box 6690 Cable, FRITZ!Box 5590 Fiber and FRITZ!Box 4060.

FRITZ!Box 6690 Cable

Chip comparison test

  • "AVM's FRITZ!Box 6690 Cable shows excellent Wi-Fi speeds in the test."
  • "The new premium router for cable internet has fast Wi-Fi 6, is well equipped and comes with many practical additional features."

Computerbild (March 2022), test result: very good (1.4)

Satvision individual test

  • "Turbo FRITZ!Box for wired connections, with two USB 3.0 ports, 2.5 gigabit LAN and Wi-Fi 6 support."
  • "In addition, the cable router features the advantages known from other FRITZ!Box models, such as a simple setup and convenient operation in a browser or in the apps."

Satvision (April 2022), test result: very good (93.6/100)

Connect comparison test

  • "The new cable top model from AVM, the FRITZ!Box 6690 Cable, is designed for future connection types with DOCSIS 3.1 and data rates of up to 6 Gbit/s."
  • "The high performance of the cable router is evident in the test lab."

Connect (March 2022), test result: good (401/500)

techstage individual test

  • "For many users, the 6690 is probably the best cable FRITZ!Box of all time."
  • "It has Wi-Fi-6, just like the smaller 6660 Cable, but with 4,800 Mbit/ s manages twice the throughput."
  • "With the cable modem, the 6690, just like the 6660, with 6 gigabits in the download and 2 gigabits in the upload far exceeds the rates that an internet provider delivers in Germany."

techstage, test result: very good (4.5/5)


FRITZ!Box 5590 Fiber

Computerbild individual test

  • "The FRITZ!Box 5590 Fiber has everything you would expect from a top model for fiber optics."
  • "It's suitable for a range of different access types, can handle fast Wi-Fi and is equipped with numerous ports and useful functions."

Computerbild (May 2022), test result: very good (1.4)


FRITZ!Box 4060

Chip comparison test

  • "AVM's FRITZ!Box 4060 scores highly with the usual extensive functionality and good performance."
  • "The special thing about the FRITZ!Box 4060 is the tri-band support, meaning it transmits in three Wi-Fi bands simultaneously."

Chip (February 2022), test result: good (2)

techstage individual test

  • “In our throughput tests, it was also able to make all three frequency blocks available to Wi-Fi clients at the same time. The powerful CPU doesn't give up."
  • "This resulted in a sum throughput of nearly 1800 Mbit/s in the 5 GHz blocks 5G-I and 5G-II alone."

techstage, test result: very good (5/5)

Computerbild individual test

  • "The FRITZ!Box 4060 does not have a modem, but thanks to the built-in telephone system it's ideal for fiber optic connections with an external modem in the living room."
  • "Thanks to the three Wi-Fi radio units and plenty of speed, it's able to quickly supply multiple devices with data at the same time."

Computerbild (March 2022), test result: very good (1.3)

Connect comparison test

  • "The brand new FRITZ!Box 4060 is aimed at customers who use a cable or fiber optic modem or a corresponding simple router from their network operator, but do not want to go without the typical FRITZ!Box convenience."

Connect (March 2022), test result: good (395/500)

Satvision individual test

  • "For an average market price of less than 250 euros, users get an excellent wireless router that, in addition to the advantages of all FRITZ!Box models, also has a number of other highlights in store."

Satvision (May 2022), test result: very good (93.2 %)