25 May 2021

Three tips for FRITZ!App Smart Home

The free FRITZ!App Smart Home is the convenient remote control for your FRITZ! Smart Home devices, at home or from on the go. See what's happening in your FRITZ! Smart Home and rearrange the app tiles however you want. Here are three tips that will make it easier for you to use the app.

1) FRITZ!App Smart Home as a remote control for your Smart Home devices

Whether FRITZ! smart plugs, FRITZ!DECT 301 radiator control or FRITZ!DECT 500 LED light: With the FRITZ!App Smart Home you have full control over your devices and can, for example, easily change the room temperature or switch on the light. In short: the app is the perfect remote control for your FRITZ! Smart Home.

Do you use the  MyFRITZ!App to control your Smart Home? Why not try out the FRITZ!App Smart Home and benefit from convenient control, for example also for the FRITZ!DECT 500 LED light.

2) Control your Smart Home devices from on the go

Turn on the lights on your way home? Or quickly check the temperature in the living room? FRITZ!App Smart Home makes all of this a breeze: When starting the FRITZ!App Smart Home for the first time, it adopts the secure access already set up in the FRITZ!Box or gives you the option of activating it. This means your always have your FRITZ! Smart Home in the palm of your hand and can easily access your Smart Home devices wherever you are.

3) Customize the dashboard

You can customize the FRITZ!App Smart Home's home page to suit your individual needs. Devices and groups can be shown and hidden as desired. For example, you can remove your radiator control from the overview in the summer, as the heating tends not to be on during the warmer months. This not only saves space, but also makes things easier to handle, especially íf you have a lot of different Smart Home devices.

To customize the dashboard, simply tap the three horizontal dots menu on the FRITZ!App Smart Home home page. Speaking of the home page, by long-pressing an element on the home page, you can also drag and rearrange it as you wish.

Download FRITZ!App Smart Home