14 September 2021

Three tips for FRITZ!App Fon

Our tips for the FRITZ!App Fon show you how you can use a Bluetooth headset to make landline calls, why the app is helps save battery life and how to check your answering machine messages. Give the FRITZ!App Fon a try and enjoy full flexibility when making calls – while working from home or during a catch-up with your friends.

1) New for Android: Always in use without notifications

Even without an always-on notification, the FRITZ!App Fon for Android is always ready for use and signals incoming calls. The FRITZ!App Fon only becomes active when you get a call or you open the app, which is how the FRITZ!App Fon saves energy and extends battery life

Tip: If you only want to make outgoing calls via the FRITZ!App Fon, you can deactivate the "React to calls" option in the app settings. The FRITZ! App Fon will then no longer ring when you get an incoming call.

2) Listen to your answering machine messages

At home, you can check and listen to messages on the FRITZ!Box answering machine in the FRITZ!App Fon call list. If you would like to listen to your answering machine messages while out and about, you can also use the MyFRITZ!App, which allows you to use a number of FRITZ!Box features – at home and on the move.

3) Bluetooth for added flexibility when working remotely

Whether it's a relaxed chat with friends you want more flexibility when working from home: a Bluetooth headset is a convenient way of making calls. The FRITZ!App Fon supports Bluetooth headsets connected to your smartphone.

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