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28 Jun 2021

Stream a summer of sport with FRITZ!

The European Football Championship is in full swing and the next major event is already in the starting blocks with the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo. In addition, the high summer temperatures make us want to enjoy these sporting highlights even more. We show you how easy it is to watch these and other programs thanks to FRITZ!.

Live TV via FRITZ!Box

Watch TV on your laptop, tablet or smartphone – with FRITZ! it's super easy and convenient. If you have a DSL or fiber optic connection and are a customer of a supported IPTV service, you can distribute your TV signal in the home network via the FRITZ!Box "Live TV" function (select markets). Cable TV subscribers can also send the TV signal to different devices: the FRITZ!Box 6591 Cable or FRITZ!Box 6660 Cable, for example, have integrated TV tuners that use DVB-C streaming to deliver top quality TV to several devices at the same time. With the FRITZ!App TV you can see at a glance which unencrypted programs from your cable provider you can receive.

Using TV streaming apps on smart TVs and other devices

You can easily watch sporting events such as the European Football Championship on your smart TV, tablet or smartphone in two ways: Either using an app from your IPTV service or the apps of the respective television station. The broadcaster websites also usually provide an overview of the content available in their apps.

Always on air with Mesh Wi-Fi and FRITZ!Repeater

Multiple FRITZ! devices, such as a FRITZ!Box and a FRITZ!Repeater, create a common Mesh Wi-Fi together. Once logged into the Wi-Fi, you can access the same network both at the FRITZ!Box in the living room and at the FRITZ!Repeater.

The FRITZ!Box with Mesh Wi-Fi steering assumes control, ensuring that all devices always receive the best connection. This is also always established using the correct frequency band, i.e. 2.4 or 5 GHz. You can also connect the FRITZ!Repeater via LAN cable. Check out our guide for more streaming tips.

Right of way in the home network – prioritization makes it possible

With FRITZ!OS 7.25 or later you can give priority to certain devices and applications in the home Wi-Fi. When several users surf or stream at the same time, which can be data-intensive, it quickly pushes the internet bandwidth to the limit. User-configured prioritization means streams, TV or video calls always run smoothly, even when there's a lot of activity in the home network, and you don't have to worry about the connection suddenly dropping out or the picture freezing at that crucial penalty kick.