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27 Sep 2021

FRITZ!Box 7590 AX: the reviews (and awards) are in

The decision was clear: In Computer Bild's major readers' poll, the FRITZ!Box 7590 AX got five times as many votes compared to the runner-up! This means the "Golden Computer" goes to the FRITZ!Box 7590 AX, which also impressed in recent test reports from magazines such as Connect, Chip and Satvision. Here's what the editors had to say.

Computer Bild: The Golden Computer

  • The editors to AVM: "The fact that AVM, with the Fritz Box 7590 AX, was able to pull ahead of well-known competitors such as Dyson and Devolo and win the award in the Smart Home category this year is a real vote of confidence from our consumers and a strong sign for your brand and your products!"
  • "Equally impressive was the size of Fritz Box 7590 AX's win in the Smart Home category, getting five times as many votes as the Dyson V15 Detect in second place."

Computer Bild, The Golden Computer 2021

Connect: test winner with good lab readings

  • "As part of the squad of current AVM top models, the FRITZ!Box 7590 AX will be among the first to receive future updates. In lab measurements, the device achieves good readings compared to the Wi-Fi 6 client with 2x2 MIMO used for measuring [...]."
  • "The ideal partner for the Fritzbox 7590 AX is the [...] FritzRepeater 6000."

Connect (October 2021), test result: very good 433 points)

PC Magazin: The major FRITZ!Box with Wi-Fi 6

  • "Wi-Fi 6 has now also come to AVM's top DSL model. The Wi-Fi performance turns out to be correspondingly good [...]."
  • "Large range of features: As AVM's current top DSL model, the Fritzbox 7590 AX supports everything its FritzOS 7.27 firmware supports in terms of internal and external connections."

PC Magazin (September 2021),test result: good (84 points)

Chip: The popular router gets an upgrade

  • "The FritzBox gets a speed boost: AVM's Fritz!Box 7590 AX model now offers the new Wi-Fi-6 standard for the home network."
  • "The FritzBox achieved a maximum value of 924 Mbit/s in the test. However, the average values are more relevant, and here the router is stable at 606 Mbit/s download speed with Wi-Fi 6 and 416 Mbit/s during transmission with Wi-Fi 5. Thus, the 7590 AX (with Wi-Fi 6) is noticeably faster than its predecessor with Wi-Fi 5 and the rates do not differ dramatically from those of gaming routers that have twice as many antennas.", test result: good (1.8)

Satvision: DSL top model, now with Wi-Fi 6

  • "Versatile DSL router with simple operation and a wide range of connections"
  • "The well-known Fritzbox browser-based user interface, which enables simple installation and is extremely user-friendly, should also be highlighted."

Satvision (August 2021),test result: very good (92.9 %)