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27 Sep 2021

FRITZ! Mesh in demand: How to set up Mesh Wi-Fi

In the space of a year, the number of FRITZ! products that are connected to each other via Mesh technology and deliver Wi-Fi to households has doubled. Mesh Wi-Fi refers to a system consisting of a FRITZ! Box, FRITZ!Repeater or FRITZ!Powerline device, which spans a common Wi-Fi network and thus integrates multiple  devices into the home network.

The doubling of the FRITZ! Mesh systems used reflects the increased need for a permanently stable Wi-Fi connection when working from home and in the home network. But of course, a stable Wi-Fi connection is also essential in your free time, for example for streaming music and videos, so you get to enjoy your favorite content without interruptions.

All FRITZ! products benefit from the latest free FRITZ!OS update: Both the newest addition to the FRITZ!Repeater family, the FRITZ!Repeater 6000 as well as existing FRITZ!Box or FRITZ!Repeater models such as the FRITZ!Box 7490 or the FRITZ!Repeater 1750E receive even more stable Wi-Fi connections and simplified Mesh integration. We therefore recommend that you add your FRITZ! products to the Mesh, thus increasing connection quality.

The advantages of Mesh Wi-Fi by FRITZ!: Fast, stable Wi-Fi - wherever you are

The main advantage of Mesh Wi-Fi by FRITZ! is how it efficiently distributes data in the entire Mesh network. It doesn't matter where in the house you are, or which access point your mobile device is connected to: the access points are all part of a single Wi-Fi network, meaning they share the same unique name and password.

The free FRITZ!App WLAN helps find the best location for your devices at home.

Customized and modular

Mesh Wi-Fi by FRITZ! offers the greatest versatility on the market. You decide how your Mesh Wi-Fi is set up. In the majority of cases the combination of a FRITZ!Box and FRITZ!Repeater is the best option. A Mesh Wi-Fi system consisting of a FRITZ!Box and a FRITZ!Powerline device with Wi-Fi functionality is a great solution for homes with thick walls. Even older FRITZ!Box models can take on the role of a repeater and be integrated into the Mesh. You can also use network cabling to connect FRITZ! products that have LAN ports to the Mesh network.

Setting up Mesh Wi-Fi: How it's done

Adding your FRITZ! products to the Mesh is done in a few steps, and the touch of a button on the FRITZ!Box and FRITZ!Repeater or FRITZ!Powerline device is all it takes to combine them in the Mesh. You can find detailed instructions in this article.