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1 November 2021

Convenient and efficient heating control with FRITZ!

With cold weather around the corner, the heating season begins. Your smart home with FRITZ! helps you heat your rooms efficiently. Here are our handy tips for more convenience.

Handy – convenient – secure

Together with the FRITZ!DECT 301 radiator control, your FRITZ!Box supports you in heating your home efficiently and saving energy. It's easy to operate via the FRITZ!Box user interface or the FRITZ!App Smart Home.

Security and data protection come first: data and your FRITZ! Smart Home settings stay with you in the home network. You do not need an external account to use any of the functions. AVM's Smart Home products use the DECT radio standard and are therefore securely connected to the FRITZ!Box. Regular updates for FRITZ! products increase security and add new features.

Switching in groups and with templates

One room, multiple radiators? Combine your FRITZ!DECT 301 radiator controls into groups so that all radiator controls in the same room use shared thermostat settings. Create a heating plan or even several that you can save as a Smart Home template: You want it nice and warm in the living room come the evening, while the bathroom should be toasty when you get up in the morning. With a template you can define when the heating comes on and when the radiators should save energy.

Heating with the FRITZ!App Smart Home and the FRITZ!DECT 440 switch

Use templates? Just checking the temperature or want to activate boost mode? The FRITZ!App Smart Home can – and much more besides. It is the ideal companion for your Smart Home.

The FRITZ!DECT 440 four-way switch is a true multi-talent for your smart heating. You can use it to operate your home's heating at the touch of a button. If desired, the button can also be used as a temperature sensor – which is handy, because your smart heating system with FRITZ! measures the temperature where you want it to be warm.

Check the battery level

Are you already using one or more FRITZ!DECT 301 devices? In preparation for when the temperatures outside start to drop, it's a good idea to check the battery level. To do this, take a look at your FRITZ!App Smart Home and open the detailed view for the radiator controls. You can also take a look at the battery level in the Smart Home section of the FRITZ!Box user interface.

Heating with a plan

With the FRITZ!DECT 301 radiator control, you get to decide when a room should be warm. Automatic heating plans ensure pleasant temperatures and save energy when you're not there. Setting up the plans in the convenient FRITZ!Box user interface is easy. What's the best heating strategy? This depends on various factors, with the following tips serving as an initial guide for getting started:

  • Find the optimum room temperature: Depending on the room, different comfort temperatures are required: In the living room, 20 to 22 degrees Celsius are ideal, while the bathroom can be a little warmer. In the bedroom, on the other hand, temperatures around 18 degrees are considered ideal. These values serve as a guide that you can adjust according to your needs.
  • Bring down the temperature: If rooms are not used at certain times of the day, it's OK for the temperature to drop slightly. But not too much: the temperature difference should not exceed 4 or 5 degrees, and the cool-down temperature should not be set below 16 degrees.
  • Regular ventilation ensures fresh air and a quality indoor climate. Ventilation also influences indoor humidity; this is important because it reduces the risk of mold in the home. Practical: The FRITZ!DECT 301's open window detection automatically lowers the temperature of the radiators for a few minutes.