18 June 2021

Storms ahead? How to safeguard your devices from lightning

Summer is here, and the rising temperatures are accompanied by an increase in thunderstorms. Lightning strikes can cause the storm zone voltage to fluctuate by up to 100,000 volts. This poses a potential hazard to your electronic equipment at home. We've put together some tips and tricks for you on how to protect your FRITZ!Box and other devices.

Three ways to protect your devices against lightning

All FRITZ!Boxes are protected, as each model has built-in surge protection. However, this does not provide 100 percent security against lightning damage. Here are some tips to help prevent damage during a thunderstorm:

  1. Unplug your FRITZ!Box from both the power supply and the DSL connection. You should also unplug FRITZ!Repeater, FRITZ!DECT and FRITZ!Powerline devices connected to the mains.
  2. Don't forget to unplug any landline phones, if you have them. 
  3. As a precaution you should also unplug any power strips you have. Just flipping the switch to off doesn't automatically safeguard you or your equipment during a thunderstorm.

Diverting calls to your smartphone

Once your FRITZ!Box is disconnected, you won't be able to access the internet or make telephone calls. To make sure your friends and family can still reach you, you can set up call diversion in advance, via your FRITZ!Box. Your provider will then automatically forward all calls, for example to your smartphone.

When the storm has passed (and you can come out from under the bed!), reconnect your FRITZ!Box to the DSL connection and then to the power supply. Your settings will be the same as before. Deactivate the call diversion if needed, and you can go back to browsing the web or checking your emails.

Lightning and your FRITZ!Box – what to do?

Since power surges destroy a FRITZ!Box's microelectronic components, they cannot unfortunately be repaired. However, many homeowners insurance policies cover damage caused by fierce thunderstorms and lightning. We recommend checking whether or not your insurance also covers overvoltage damage; which would then also apply to your FRITZ!Box.