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25 Oct 2021

Better gaming: reduce latency and optimize ping

When you're in the middle of a multi-player battle with your mates, there's nothing more frustrating than when your game begins to lag. Especially because when it comes to fast-paced online games, lagging can make the difference between victory and defeat. Luckily, there's something you can do about it. Discover how to reduce latency and improve ping.

What does ping mean?

A ping is a period of time, measured in milliseconds, that a packet of data needs to travel from your computer to a server, receive a response from the server and get sent back again. Ping is often used to measure the reachability and response time of servers. Ping plays a very important role in gaming, especially for online games.

This is because every input made in a game must be sent to the game server and responded to there. A high ping causes delays and this can, for example, affect the game's outcome. This is especially annoying in fast multiplayer shooters, as in the worst case scenario it can lead to you losing.

Tips & tricks to fix things

There can be a number of reasons for bad ping, but the solutions are all the more varied. However, a LAN internet connection is usually the better choice for online gaming. For technical reasons, Wi-Fi has longer response times in this area. Furthermore, occasional dropouts can occur during wireless transmission despite there being sufficient bandwidth. However, all this means is that playing over Wi-Fi is potentially more vulnerable – in practice, both options can work equally well. Find out more in our guide.

A second tip that works in most cases is to avoid other traffic, such as video streams or downloading large files, while playing games online. However, since this cannot always be avoided – especially in a household with several people – internet access for important network devices and applications can be prioritized in the FRITZ!Box settings. This could be your gaming PC or game console, for example. Check out this article to find out exactly how this works.