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13 Apr 2020

Tips and tricks for VPN with FRITZ!Box

If you're working from home right now, you've most likely heard of the term VPN. A VPN is a Virtual Private Network, providing access your company network from home. FRITZ!Box has a few tricks up its sleeve, helping you work more productively and efficiently from home.

What is VPN?

VPN stands for "Virtual Private Network". The technology makes it possible to securely connect two computer networks with one another. This allows you to access content and devices on the company network with your laptop even though you're not in the office.

We take a look at the technical details in our VPN with FRITZ! guide.

FRITZ!Box: set up a VPN quickly and easily

Did you know that you can set up a VPN connection to your company on your FRITZ!Box? Yes, this is possible in many cases and it has a number of advantages in terms of convenience. With FRITZ!Box now providing the VPN connection, multiple devices have access to the company network. This means you can work with all the tools on your work PC as well as with your notebook or tablet – whether you're in the study, living room or on the balcony.

Do you use web applications for your work that are only accessible in the company network? You can set up access via the VPN connection for certain web addresses. You can then conveniently download information from the company intranet using various devices and browsers.

Depending on your employer's VPN platform, not all features may be available. In many cases, however, it's possible to set up the VPN connection via your FRITZ! Box. Our VPN portal helps you when setting up a VPN connection to the company network.

FRITZ!Box: The company network hub for efficient working from home

Many companies, shops and offices rely on FRITZ!Box for Internet access. This makes setting up the VPN connection even quicker and more convenient. Whether you need access to shared data via FRITZ!NAS or telephony via FRITZ!App Fon: it's all done in two steps and you're good to go. This is how:

Establish a VPN connection to the company FRITZ!Box. It's particularly convenient with MyFRITZ!App and also works smoothly with the onboard tools of the most common operating systems. For smartphones, FRITZ!App Fon functions as a replacement for the company phone. Access to shared files is super convenient and secure with MyFRITZ!app. Alternatively, set up the VPN connection to the FRITZ!Box on your work PC.

Our VPN service portal has instructions on how to establish a VPN connection to a FRITZ!Box, for all common operating systems:

We've compiled additional tips in our articles "Working from home with FRITZ!" and "At home with FRITZ!".