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8 June 2020

Tips for better video calls

Video calls have become part of daily life for many of us. We can chat to our colleagues while working from home or keep in touch with friends and family. Apart from a good webcam and a pair of earbuds or a headset, you also need a reliable Internet connection. FRITZ!Box has additional convenience features on board, ensuring your video calls always run smoothly.

The most important requirement for smooth video calls is a fast and reliable Internet connection. With its powerful hardware, FRITZ!Box ensures fast and efficient data transmission between your notebook and your Internet service provider. Good to know: If the reception at the desired location in your home is weak, a FRITZ!Repeater placed halfway to your FRITZ!Box helps extend your Wi-Fi. FRITZ!Box has a few other aces up its sleeve that make all the difference when taking part in a video conference.

Prioritize your work notebook

In just a few clicks you can optimize your home network for effective video conferencing. In the FRITZ! box user interface, you can prioritize your work notebook. When you have this setting activated, the data needed for your video call always has priority.

You can find the settings in the main menu under "Internet" in the "Filter" menu. In the "Prioritization" tab, click on "New Rule" in the "Prioritized Applications" section. FRITZ!Box will now request the information and set up the prioritization.

Check out our knowledge base for more on prioritizing devices.

Turn off Internet access for other devices

You'll definitely want to be on the safe side if you've got an important video conference or presentation coming up. It's possible to temporarily disconnect your other devices from the Internet. By doing this, you can prevent another user's download or video stream from causing your audio to echo and the video to cut out.

Just open the "Access Profiles" tab under the menu item "Internet" > "Filter". You can limit the default profile for the period of time you want, thus blocking all devices from accessing the Internet. You assign the "Unrestricted" access profile to your work notebook. This method can be used with the "Standard" access profile for all devices, and can also be fine-tuned: you can define an access profile for media players or Smart Home devices, for example. These then pause at the touch of a button, resulting in a stable video call without any drops or freezing.

For more information on the individual steps. head to our how-to article "Restricting Internet use with parental controls".