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27 Feb 2020

Three tips for FRITZ!App Fon

Turn your smartphone into a landline phone with FRITZ!App Fon and take advantage of your  telephone or internet provider's low tariffs. You can also be reached on your smartphone via your landline number. But the FRITZ!App Fon can do so much more! Read on for for three practical tips.

1. Landline wherever you are

If you're not at home, you can still access the FRITZ!Box via your smartphone using a VPN or home network connection. You can also make and receive phone calls with the FRITZ!App Fon using your low cost landline tariff, just like at home.

2. Automatically establish calls to cell phone numbers via mobile communications network

Many people have an affordable plan for their landline, including unlimited calls at a flat monthly rate. This is particularly useful in combination with tip number one if, for example, you want to call a landline number while on the move. In contrast, calls from the home connection to mobile networks are often relatively expensive. FRITZ!App Fon offers a solution: Choose "Dialing rules" in the settings and select "Connect via mobile network" for mobile phone numbers This means you can use your mobile phone tariff for these calls, which is often cheaper.

3. Check your call lists on the go

If a connection to the home network is established, you can access your FRITZ!Box's call list when on the move. This is helpful if, for example, you want to call a contact who you've previously spoken to at home and whose number is not stored on your phone.

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