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13 Mar 2020

Three tips for FRITZ!App WLAN

The FRITZ!App WLAN is the perfect tool for managing and optimizing your home's Wi-Fi. Measure. Optimize. Enjoy: We've compiled three tips to help you get the most out of FRITZ!App WLAN.

1) Measure Wi-Fi speed

FRITZ!App WLAN can measure your Wi-Fi's data throughput. Install and launch the app and press "Measure Wi-Fi". The app will then show you how fast your Wi-Fi can transfer data between your FRITZ!Box and your smartphone - the speed of the Internet connection is not taken into account here. This means you can see straight away whether or not the speeds advertized in your Internet package are really what you are getting, or if there is potential to optimize your Wi-Fi network. You can repeat in other parts of your home to find out how the Wi-Fi coverage is e.g. in your kitchen or on the patio.

Did you know? If the data rates turn out to be lower in a certain area or room, you can extend the Wi-Fi with a FRITZ!Repeater in the Mesh. The FRITZ!App WLAN is the perfect companion for such a scenario.

2) Find the ideal location for FRITZ!Repeater

The time has come to set up a FRITZ!Repeater. But where? The FRITZ!App WLAN knows what to do: You can use it when setting up a new FRITZ!Repeater. Tap on "My Repeaters" and the app will guide you through all everything. The app tells you what to pay attention to when choosing a location. In an additional step, the FRITZ!App together with the FRITZ!Box determines the strength of the Wi-Fi at the chosen location and shows you whether or not it's a good spot for a repeater. The FRITZ!App WLAN presents the information in a clear and understandable graphic.

By the way: You can also have the position of FRITZ!Repeaters that are already active reevaluated. If the connection to the FRITZ!Box is too weak, the FRITZ!App WLAN will let you know and give you helpful tips on on how to find the best possible location.

3) Enable guest access

Even if you don't have a FRITZ!Repeater, you'll probably want to offer guests (or neighbors) access to your Internet. It couldn't be simpler: In the FRITZ!App WLAN, you can activate guest access at the touch of a button and your guests can start surfing without them even having to ask. And best of all, any optimizations to the Mesh also apply to guest access.

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