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19 Mar 2020

At home with FRITZ!

In this unprecedented situation for us all, the FRITZ!Box you have at home plays an even more important role than usual. In this article we show you how FRITZ! products ensure you have top Wi-Fi, where you can make improvements and how you can help your neighbors. Stay safe, stay healthy!

FRITZ! takes care – the intelligent home hub

You and your family are staying at home a lot at the moment and your FRITZ!Box is in continuous use. Thanks to intelligent software and powerful hardware, the FRITZ!Box masters this with ease. For example, the auto channel selection means your FRITZ!Box always uses the optimal Wi-Fi channel and you won't get in the way of your neighbors' wireless network. This feature is automatically activated in your FRITZ!Box and ensures data throughput is improved for everyone. With Mesh Wi-Fi from FRITZ!, end devices such as smartphones or tablets have the best possible reception wherever you are in your home. Even simultaneous streaming is not a problem with FRITZ!, thanks to the smart FRITZ!OS operating system. Did you know? If you want a certain device, for example your work laptop to have preferential treatment in the home network, you can easily prioritize it. Find out more here.

Enough for everyone – optimize your home Wi-Fi

Even if the FRITZ!Box automatically optimizes Wi-Fi reception, you may still need to make adjustments in your home network – especially if you and your family are all at home. If you use a FRITZ!Repeater together with a FRITZ!Box in the Mesh Wi-Fi from FRITZ!, you can easily check the position of the repeater with the FRITZ!App WLAN and change it if needed. Now you have Wi-Fi in every corner of your house or flat!

Sharing is caring – share your Wi-Fi with your neighbors

Maybe your neighbor's Wi-Fi is not working quite as well as yours. If so, you can easily share your network via the FRITZ! Hotspot. In just a few clicks set up up a separate guest network with the FRITZ!Box, which you can either share using a QR code or offer it to your neighbors unencrypted. The best thing: your neighbors won't be able to access your devices or FRITZ!Box settings via the guest network. Furthermore, you can limit the speed of the FRITZ! Hotspot, leaving enough bandwidth for you.

Working from home – VPN with FRITZ!

Are are working from home? Not a problem, with FRITZ! you can access your work files and resources securely and encrypted via VPN. If your employer uses a FRITZ!Box, you can establish a connection to the company VPN either through your own FRITZ!Box or directly from devices needed to carry out your work. We have summarized how everything works in our article "FRITZ! tips for working from home".