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25 Nov 2019

A Smart Christmas with FRITZ!

Give your Christmas tree an upgrade and create a cozy space for your guests: December is the perfect time to set up a Smart Home. Getting started with FRITZ! is as easy as (a mince) pie – in just a few short steps you'll have a Smart Home ready for the holiday period.

Smart Christmas lighting

Your Christmas decorations take center stage this year with the smart plugs from FRITZ!. This makes the devices ideal for your entry into the world of Smart-Home, winning over both you and your Christmas party guests. For example, take a FRITZ!DECT 200 smart plug and connect it to an extension lead and plug your Christmas tree lights into the same extension lead. You can then use a FRITZ!Fon or the FRITZ!DECT 400 Smart Home button to control the lights and turn them on when you're watching TV on a cold December evening or on Christmas Day when you're opening presents with your loved ones.

It's also possible to cascade multiple smart plugs at the push of a button. You can also set up a corresponding schedule in your FRITZ!Box user interface. This means your entire home will be sparkling at the touch of a button – or alternatively at the desired time based on your schedule. With the FRITZ!DECT 210, which comes equipped with splash protection, you can also switch on/off your outdoor lighting. Who knows, you might even win the best Christmas display for your street or town!

Cozy up your home

Are you getting in the Christmas mood yet? Making your house a Smart Home can also involve keeping it warm and toasty for you and your holiday guests. With the intelligent FRITZ!DECT 301 radiator control you can adjust and regulate the temperature however you want. Set a comfort temperature with the FRITZ!Fon. You can, of course, also control your heating while on the move with the MyFRITZ!App.