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22 Jul 2019

On your marks, handset, go: making calls with FRITZ!Box and your smartphone

The FRITZ!Apps enrich your life and your Smart Home. Find out here how you can use your smartphone to make home calls via the FRITZ!Box – all you need is the FRITZ!App Fon!

Make landline calls from your smartphone

Time to cut the cord on your landline - and the costs associated with it? The FRITZ!App Fon makes it easy to connect your smartphone or tablet to your FRITZ!Box over wireless LAN and make calls at a lower fixed network rate thanks to Voice over IP (VOIP). Meaning you save twice as much.

How does it work? Open the "Telephone Book" in the FRITZ!App Fon and you can then make calls to the contacts stored on your smartphone. If you don't have a phone number stored in your telephone book, you can of course use the keypad as usual. When a call is received by the FRITZ!Box, your smartphone will ring and you can answer the call from there. Together with the MyFRITZ!App the whole thing also works when you're out and about.

With the FRITZ!App Fon you can do more than simply make calls over the home network. The telephone books and call lists set up in the FRITZ!Box are also communicated between the smartphone and the FRITZ!Box. You can listen to your FRITZ!Box answering machine by dialing the quick-dial number "**600" on the keypad.

FRITZ!App Fon for iOS supports CallKit and PushKit

An added bonus: FRITZ!Box users with FRITZ!OS 7 or later can enjoy the support of CallKit and PushKit. Incoming calls are displayed on the iPhone - even if the FRITZ!App Fon is not currently open. You can use the FRITZ!App Fon to accept landline calls, just as you would take calls from mobile networks.