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18 Feb 2019

How to set up Mesh WiFi

FRITZ!OS 7 with Mesh WiFi is now available for the FRITZ!Box, FRITZ!WLAN Repeaters and FRITZ!Powerline products (with wireless LAN capability). Our handy guide shows you how to prepare your home network for mesh in a maximum of two steps.

Activating a new FRITZ!Repeater

If you've recently purchased a new FRITZ!Repeater or have reset it to factory settings, Mesh WiFi can be activated quickly and easily at the touch of a button.

  1. Briefly press the button on the FRITZ!WLAN Repeater until the LED starts to flash.
  2. Start the Mesh activation by pushing the WLAN/WPS or the Connect/WPS button on the FRITZ!Box within two minutes.

→ FRITZ!Box with "WPS" or "Connect/WPS" button: Press button briefly.
→ FRITZ!Box with "WLAN" or "WLAN/WPS" button: Press button for about 6 seconds until the "WLAN" LED flashes.

    Activating a FRITZ!Repeater that's already connected

    To check whether or not your FRITZ!Repeater is enabled for Mesh, head to the FRITZ!Box Mesh Overview ( -> Home Network -> Mesh). FRITZ! products that are activated for Mesh are designated with the "Mesh" icon. If the Mesh icon is displayed, no further steps are required.

    If you don't see the Mesh symbol, the device, as with a new FRITZ!Repeater, can be integrated into the Mesh with the two steps already described:

    1. Press the button on the FRITZ!Repeater
    2. Press the button on the FRITZ!Box

    Change operating mode

    If your FRITZ!Repeater is already connected to the FRITZ!Box via a LAN cable ("LAN bridge"), it can be integrated into the Mesh with the same two steps. The operating mode of a FRITZ!Repeater integrated in the Mesh can be changed at any time, between LAN bridge and WLAN bridge as required. Once it's integrated, your FRITZ!Repeater remains part of your Mesh network and benefits from the many advantages.

    For more information about Mesh WiFi, click here.

    Did you know?

    • FRITZ!Powerline WLAN products also support Mesh WiFi.
    • You can also deploy a second FRITZ!Box as a mesh repeater.

    For more information check out our handy FAQs.