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18 Jan 2019

Here to help: the AVM Knowledge Base

A team of tech experts, committed to helping you find the answers you need as quickly as possible, creates easy-to-follow step-by-step guides in six different languages. There are thousands of guides and articles in six different languages. Browse the Knowledge Base to find answers and information about all things FRITZ!.

Solutions to over 90 percent of all requests

One of the most frequent requests is to reset a lost or forgotten password for the FRITZ!Box user interface. Customers also frequently contact the AVM Support team when they notice the Mesh symbol is not showing up on their FRITZ!Repeater.

Find the information you need with the FRITZ! Service pages

To find a solution quickly, simply select your product in the Service section. You can find the name of your device on the bottom or back of the FRITZ! product. On your service page, enter the relevant keyword in the knowledge database search field, such as "Forgot password" or "Mesh symbol". Select the guide that you need and follow the step-by-step instructions. And you're done!

All of the articles and guides in the AVM Knowledge Base have been tested and are regularly updated and added to. Which means you always get the answer you need - check it out for yourself!