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26 Feb 2019

Get the best WiFi signal with the FRITZ!App WLAN

With the Mobile World Congress currently taking place in sunny Barcelona, our app development team has just released version 1.2.0 of the FRITZ!App WLAN for iOS. This makes it even easier to position your FRITZ!Repeater in your home network.

The FRITZ!App WLAN finds the best place

To get the most out of your FRITZ!Repeater, it's crucial to position it in the perfect spot. The FRITZ!App WLAN now helps you when looking for the ideal location. In version 1.2.0, which was released for iOS on Monday, the functions "Configure Repeater" and "Evaluate Repeater Location" provide extra assistance. The app indicates if your FRITZ!Repeater is too far away from the FRITZ!Box or, alternatively, if it can be positioned a little further away, ensuring maximum and stable WiFi.

The Android version also gets an update

These features are already available in the Android version of the FRITZ!App WLAN. We still recommend updating the app, however, as our developers have put together a small package of bugfixes and improved stability.