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13 Dec 2019

FRITZ! Lab - new features, fresh from development

Our FRITZ! Lab is now available for international editions of FRITZ!Box! The FRITZ! Lab is your opportunity to test software enhancements from the AVM development team, prior to the official release of an update. As a FRITZ! Lab participant, you can enjoy new functions and improvements for your FRITZ! device at an early stage – free of charge and without having to register. The highlights of the new FRITZ! Lab include:

  • Wireless: Support for WPA3
  • Mesh: Advanced Mesh steering improves WiFi performance for mobile devices
  • USB/storage: Supports current SMB versions

A few clicks are all it takes

The FRITZ! Lab is now available for the FRITZ!Box 7590 and 7490. With a few clicks you can download the Lab for your product. If necessary, the most recent regular version can also be restored.

New features and valuable feedback

The background: In the AVM testing chambers a range of, but not all, scenarios can be investigated and evaluated. This is why feedback from the community helps us immensely when it comes to investigating anomalies and discovering bugs before the final version is released to all users. There is a feedback form for this purpose. All feedback gets evaluated, is included in the ongoing development and is regularly made available in improved versions in the Lab.