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12 Mar 2019

FRITZ! Hotspot and parental controls are popular features

A recent representative survey (commissioned by AVM) revealed that more than half of all people in Germany know about and use their router's additional functions, including wireless guest access and parental controls.

Jam-packed with features

According to the AVM survey, 58 percent of people in Germany know what wireless guest access is. Of these 58 percent, one in two uses this feature at home. The same goes for parental controls. Here, 55 percent of respondents are aware of the fact that routers have parental controls, allowing the whole family to surf the internet worry-free. One in four uses it in their own home network.

Parental controls protect against unauthorized websites

The FRITZ!Box's parental controls determine exactly which online times and time budgets are available to each user in the home network. For this users can assign each household member multiple devices, from a smartphone all the way to a PlayStation. In addition, the FRITZ!Box also offers a whitelist/blacklist function. With these lists users can specify which websites may be accessed and which not.

FRITZ! Hotspot for convenient guest access

With FRITZ!Box, users can choose their FRITZ! Hotspot settings in just a few clicks: guests can be given an open or a password-protected private wireless guest access. If an open hotspot is chosen, the guests do not need to enter a security key. This allows cafés, medical practices and small businesses, as well as all FRITZ!Box users, to provide their customers and visitors with convenient, easy-to-use internet access. With private guest access, users can decide exactly who is allowed to use the guest network.

The survey was carried out by "Research Now" in November 2018. In Germany, 1,000 people aged between 18 and 69 were interviewed.