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18 Mar 2019

Happy Birthday, FRITZ!Box

FRITZ!Box turns 15 years old today! In 2004 AVM introduced the very first model at the CEBIT trade fair. Technology has changed a lot since then.

A success story

Exactly 15 years ago on 18 March 2004, AVM presented the first FRITZ!Box at the CEBIT trade fair. That's when the FRITZ!Box success story began, known for fast Internet and networked communication. Over the years AVM has regularly presented new FRITZ!Box models that always give users a leading edge in technological developments and many innovative functions. For DSL, cable, fiber optics or LTE, the applications are as varied as the current product range.

The first model was called simply “FRITZ!Box”

But 15 years ago there was just one device – the FRITZ!Box. The name was simple and, from today's perspective, so was the technology. WiFi had not yet arrived and via the DSL connection, you could reach only 8 MBit/s downstream and 1 MBit/s upstream. Compared to the ISDN era, however, that represented major progress. Today the achievable DSL speed has increased a hundredfold and, thanks to WiFi mesh, you can set up and operate your home network more easily than ever.