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13 Aug 2018

Transfer Your FRITZ!Box Settings for a Headache-Free Upgrade

A new internet tariff, a switch to a different kind of connection or you just want a new design - there are a whole host of reasons for upgrading to a new FRITZ!Box. In this article we'll show you how easy it is to transfer all your settings and data from your old router to your new FRITZ!Box 7490 or 7590. 

To transfer your files and settings, head to the FRITZ!Box user interface to save your settings, for example for the FRITZ!Box 7490. Then connect the FRITZ!Box 7590 and set it up as usual, before transferring the settings you are used to. It doesn't matter which FRITZ!Box model you have or are switching to. The only requirement is that the FRITZ!OS version of the new FRITZ!Box must be the same or later than the FRITZ!OS version of the old FRITZ!Box.

FRITZ!OS 7 makes it even easier to switch to a new FRITZ!Box. The settings for your Smart Home devices and FRITZ!Fons are carried over automatically - you don't have to think about a thing!

FRITZ!Box Cable models

Thank goodness for router freedom. In more and more countries, such as Germany, consumers are free to use any router they choose, including for cable internet connections. Switching between two different FRITZ!Box Cable models is just as easy as changing a DSL model. The only thing you have to do manually is transfer the internet account information and telephony data.

More tips on transferring your FRITZ!Box settings

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