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30 Jan 2018

The FRITZ!Box answering machine

As today is "Inane Answering Message Day", we are presenting three functions to configure your answering machine individually.

Standard or personal greeting

Depending on the FRITZ!Box model, you have up to five answering machines at your disposal. This means each of your telephone numbers can have its own answering machine with its own greeting message. You can also easily record an individual greeting in the voice menu of the FRITZ!Box. Of course, it's also possible to use prerecorded greetings. Examples can be found at

Enabling time control

By using the time control of the answering machine, you can define times in which messages are recorded and times in which only your greeting is played. Plus, the answering machine can be turned off completely.

Never miss a call, no matter where you are

With the free MyFRITZ!App you can establish a connection to your FRITZ!Box with your smartphone from anywhere. This lets you keep an eye on the call list and received messages at all times and ensures that you will not miss any important news. Alternatively, you can have your call list and voice messages sent to you by email.