The advantages of a Smart Home with FRITZ!

1. Save heating costs with Smart Home

By relying on intelligent home management you can lower your power consumption and with it your monthly costs. With the radiator control FRITZ!DECT 301 you can turn on your heating automatically at preconfigured times. This way the radiator doesn't heat all day, but only at a certain time before you're home.

If you're away from home at varying times, it's also possible to switch the radiator flexibly and from on the go – simply use the MyFRITZ!App or any browser. When you're at home you can always adjust the temperature on the thermostat, via a FRITZ!Fon or with the free MyFRITZ!App. If you like, you can even combine multiple FRITZ!DECT 301 in a group. For example, when there are two radiators in one room. Find out more about this topic in our guide.

2. Switchable outlet for greater convenience

Is the switch of your favorite lamp completely blocked? If so, you can switch it automatically or according to a schedule with the smart plug FRITZ!DECT 200 or switch it flexibly via MyFRITZ!App or FRITZ!Fon. Another option is the sunrise/sunset function: This way the light automatically switches on or off at sunrise and sunset. Learn more about smart switching in our guide.

Connecting your washing machine to a DECT 200 is also a good example for saving energy. Read about this example in this guide.

3. More security through random switching and FRITZ!App Cam

You can schedule your lighting or use the random function during a vacation to scare off potential burglars, so it appears as if someone was home. It's also possible to install an Android smartphone at home to check in live from wherever you are via the FRITZ!App Cam. This way you can keep your home safe even when you're on vacation.

4. Convenience outdoors

Do you have a lamp outside or outdoor string lights on your balcony or garden? The splash protected FRITZ!DECT 210 can be useful here. It offers the same options as the indoor version FRITZ!DECT 200, so you can flexibly switch your outdoor lighting. If you want multiple string lights to shine simultaneously, you can use the group switching function. And should the DECT connection between the FRITZ!Box and the outdoors not suffice, then the FRITZ!DECT Repeater 100 can provide additional range.

5. View all devices at once in the user interface

No matter how many Smart Home products you have in your FRITZ! home network, you can always keep track of everything in the FRITZ!Box user interface. Log in on your PC, tablet or smartphone at "" or use the convenient access over the MyFRITZ!App. You'll find all connected Smart Home devices in the overview and can manage them by swiping.

6. Simple configuration and operation

Configuring the FRITZ!Box on your connection takes only a few minutes. Smart Home devices are installed even faster. FRITZ! products are known for their intuitive operation and have already received various awards for this.

7. Free updates for more functions and security

Of course, our Smart Home devices are under constant development to provide you with more convenience and highest security levels. This is why we regularly release free updates for all our products that can be installed automatically upon request.