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21 Jun 2018

Summer Fun with FRITZ!

It's the start of the summer, and being prepared means we can enjoy the warm weather without too many worries. Whether it's your annual get-together with family or friends or a relaxing night on the terrace, the products from FRITZ! have got you covered. You can lean back and relax with smart air conditioning, offering wireless access to your party guests, or even watch the World Cup on the patio.

Smart air conditioning with FRITZ!DECT

Using the FRITZ!DECT 200 or 210 smart plugs to control your air conditioning unit or fan will help you keep cool during a heat wave. How does it work? You will need two FRITZ!DECT devices that can be set up as a group in the FRITZ!Box user interface. In the FRITZ!Box's Smart Home area click the "New Group" button and set your desired temperature. If the temperature in the room exceeds the temperature defined in the FRITZ!Box user interface, the FRITZ!DECT smart plug will automatically turn the air conditioning or fan on. This means you'll always have a comfortable and efficiently cooled home, even during the sticky summer months.

Don't forget the sausages - and the WiFi

When you invite friends and family over to watch the World Cup or to a summer barbecue, you don't want them to have to keep asking for your WiFi password. The FRITZ! Hotspot is here to save the day and can be set up with just a few clicks in the FRITZ!Box user interface, in the "Wireless" menu. Your guests can now check the results of the latest World Cup match via the guest wireless LAN provided by the FRITZ!Box, without accessing your own home network. The upcoming FRITZ!OS 7 will make choosing your FRITZ! Hotspot settings even easier: you can decide whether you want to give your barbecue guests open wireless guest access, or one protected with a password. For more information check out this Guide article.

Watch the game live outdoors

With the sun shining we relish the ability to venture into the garden or enjoy a drink on the porch in the evening. That doesn't mean you have to traipse back inside when the next World Cup match is about to start, or when your favorite show is coming on - thanks to the FRITZ!App TV and the FRITZ!WLAN Repeater DVB-C. Once you've installed the app, your phone or tablet will be able to automatically detect the signals emitted by the DVB-C repeater, which transmits TV channels using high-speed wireless LAN. Et voila - you can now watch live TV on your mobile device. It also works with the VLC media player if you prefer to watch on your laptop.